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Default Ikon 6 vs Paradigm Monitor 9

I am going to buy a new set of front (LCR) speakers for my HT. I have a onkyo TX-SR875 to drive them and a new Samsung 52" LCD. I have a big room approximately 15 ft wide by 30ft deep. The HT seating sits about 12 ft from the LCD Monitor. My real question is if anyone has any experience driving the IKON's with a jap reciever vs. a high current US model like something from NAD or Adcom. I auditioned a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 on a Integra reciever and was thouroughly dissappointed. I don't want that type of dissappointment with the IKON's.
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Default Re: Ikon 6 vs Paradigm Monitor 9

If you want to know what it will sound like you'll need to put them together and see. Try to get one or better both of the components in your home at the same time and try them out together. If you are buying from authorized dealers, they should allow you an in home demo (usually of floor stock, but who cares, and often the floor models are broken in so that actually is a plus!)
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Default Re: Ikon 6 vs Paradigm Monitor 9

I'm not sure what your preferences are for speakers, but I can tell you that the Paradigm Studio speakers require many hours of break-in before they sound 'right'. I also auditioned the Studio 60 (at the dealer) and was VERY impressed. I ordered a pair and was devastated by how poorly they sounded out of the box. It literally took a few hundred hours before they bloomed. I eventually traded them for a pair of Studio 100's and had severe buyers remorse because out of the box they did not sound as good as the 60's. However, after several weeks they too opened up and literally blew the doors off the 60's. I've owned quite a few speakers in my day and I had always viewed the notion of speaker break-in as voo-doo - until now. Not only did both models require a long break-in, but I have since discovered through experience that if the speakers are exposed to cool air (<65°) for extended period that the tweeters need about 20-30 minutes to warm up before they sound right. The other discovery I've made about them is that they love power and bi-wire makes a difference. Switching from a 100 wpc receiver to pre/pro and 200wpc amps made a HUGE improvement.

In the end, it's your ears that make the ultimate difference. Buy the speaker that's sounds best for you.
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Default Re: Ikon 6 vs Paradigm Monitor 9

I've listened to both, and I thought the Ikon sounded a lot better. Of course, they were in 2 different rooms of the dealer, so it could have been just the difference in room acoustics.

Yeah, gotta listen to them in your OWN room to know for sure.
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