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Velodyne Partners With Amina to Market In-Wall Speaker Systems
Velodyne’s UK distributor, Redline, and Amina Technologies Ltd have announced a marketing partnership to promote an ultra discrete total speaker solution for the Home and Professional Audio Visual Market in the UK. The match of the breakthrough SC-IW In-wall sub with Amina’s invisible Loudspeakers creates a truly minimal visible impact system with remarkable sound quality.

“We first started using Velodyne subs because of their compact size and quality,” comments Richard Newlove, Managing Director of Amina Technologies, “ And with the introduction of the SC-IW the fit got even better. It truly offers a discrete in-wall solution that perfectly complements our Invisible Plaster In-wall AIW range of speakers. As we continue our success with Velodyne here in the UK, we hope to have a similar marketing partnership in North America in the near future.”

While design conscious clients, architects and interior designers have been discovering the benefits of Amina invisible Plaster In-wall speakers for several years, in both the Domestic and Commercial applications, there has always been the issue of a discrete sub when additional bass is required . The SC-IW is Velodyne’s answer.

The SC-IW (In-Wall) is the first in-wall to fit flush in a 2x4 inch studded wall and deliver reference quality performance. The patent-pending SC-IW driver fires vertically in the wall for maximum throw and minimal vibration to reproduce the most demanding home theater and music with authority, accuracy and low distortion. The SC-IW, with a unique 2-piece cabinet design, is easy to install whether it's for new construction or retrofit.

As it says the Amina Plaster In-wall speakers are actually plastered into the wall or ceiling providing fantastic natural sounds with zero visual foot-print. Mount them within a plasterboard opening in a wall or ceiling, skim over with 1-2 mm plaster skim and the surfaces are ready for decoration. The process is just as simple for solid walls.

The Velodyne In-wall unit is totally unique in design and construction and is a perfect partner for Amina applications where additional bass is required for program material. The Velodyne SC-1250, rack-mountable amplifier drives the Velodyne SC Series, and features 3000 watts dynamic / 1250 watts RMS power and a built-in Automatic EQ system for optimum bass performance. The SC-1250 can drive up to two SC-IW subs using standard speaker wire, has a RS 232 bi-directional port for use with control systems such as Crestron and AMX. It provides four selectable pre-sets for different program material –action/adventure movies/movies/music and games designed to help customers gain the maximum versatility from their AV systems.

There are three options in the Amina SoundUnseen™ Plaster-In-Wall loudspeakers range the AIW1 20 watt per speaker, the AIW3 40 watt per speaker and the AIW5 80 watt speakers making a solution for every location, from bedrooms and bathrooms (no need to worry about moisture) to busy bars and large rooms. All Amina AIW speakers have the same physical footprint: 450mm x 345mm x 40mm (17 3/4" x 13 1/2" x 1 5/8") so they will fit between the studs in standard drywall applications.

Martin Morecroft, Director of Redline who exclusively distribute the Velodyne brand in the UK added: “We are very excited about working with Amina. Over the years we have built up Velodyne to be one of the leading brands of Subwoofers in the UK and the tie-up between our new SC-IW In-wall sub and the Amina speakers will be a formidable partnership in creating unobtrusive quality sound for Music and Multi-media applications”.

deacongreg 06-28-2008 09:03 AM

Re: Velodyne Partners With Amina to Market In-Wall Speaker Systems
Looks like Velodyne has an exclusive solution for those clients that prefer in wall installation. And if the sound matches closely to speakers and subs that are not in - walls, they might really have something going on there.

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