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Default Loiminchay Audio Speakers - New High-End Speaker Systems

Loiminchay Audio hand-crafts luxurious, extreme performance, limited-edition speakers for connoisseurs. They're artist inspired and artisan crafted for a unique and exceptional appearance and a totally remarkable musical experience. They're designed in New York by owner Patrick Chu, a maker of world-famous luxury-quality Loiminchay pens, sought after by collectors around the world. Patrick celebrates the same artistic passion with his Loiminchay speaker systems.

They're hand made by dedicated teams in his atelier in China. Each heavily-braced enclosure is painstakingly crafted, layer by layer, from beautifully formed Birch MultiPly laminate resulting in a sensually shaped, extremely nonresonant structure. The cabinets are bored out then finished inside and out with fully sixteen coats of the finest hand-polished lacquer for a lustrous cabinet so finely sealed that no air bubbles remain to potentially leak internal pressurized air. Loiminchay employ three people just to route the interior and driver holes, and even the baffles are hand-shaped in the laminate during fabrication.

Loiminchay's stand-mounted monitor brings your music to expressive life. The enclosure is fabricated of beautifully sculpted 30mm/1.2-inch Birch MultiPly laminate with sturdy internal bracing and top-quality lamb's wool filling. The Degas, like the Chagall, can be supplied with a 30mm/1.2-inch ceramic tweeter that tops out at 28kHz, while the sparkling diamond tweeter extends out to 40kHz for unmatched texture and nuance in the upper frequencies.

The Degas' high-performance 6.8-inch ceramic midrange driver delivers excellent bass down to 40Hz (ceramic tweeter) or 32Hz (diamond tweeter) for a solid musical foundation. The Degas is available with an elegant, beautifully hand-made stand fashioned of 25mm/0.98-inch Birch MultiPly, sand-filled, with binding posts conveniently located near the solid aluminum base plates.

Either version of the Degas is easy to drive with 90db/2m (diamond tweeter) or 89dB/2m (ceramic tweeter) sensitivity at 8 ohms and 100 watts of power handling. The Degas is single-wired with a silver internal wire harness and heavy-duty binding posts, weighing about 80 lbs on its stand.

Measuring Up
"Measurements are very important but only part of the story," explains Patrick. "Everything makes a difference in the sound; the choice of drivers, the shape and density of the cabinet, how well it's braced, the quality and quantity of the lamb's wool stuffing, how the sound waves flow around the cabinet's exterior surfaces, and even which lacquer finish you choose! That's right, the two-way Degas in black piano lacquer sounds slightly different than a Degas with a MultiClear lacquer finish. It's the same with the Chagall, and that's why every pair's crossover is optimized for the best possible overall sound."

A New Means of Expression It is said of Degas that his energy, shimmering, nuanced movement and subtly layered colors were ways of looking for an entirely new means of expression. His was a detailed, rich and intimate viewpoint, so alive the viewer feels they've just stumbled upon the painted scene. This stunning sense of reality is but one of the Degas‚ many strengths, especially equipped with the extraordinary diamond tweeter.

Their imaging is above expectation even for high specification stand-mounted speakers; they disappear into a startling transparent, dimensional and palpable soundstage. The ceramic and especially diamond tweeters deliver extraordinary air over sparklingly open and detailed upper frequencies. The tweeters are artfully blended with the midrange producing a rich, elegant and beautifully musical sound. The Degas is a dynamic, passionate performer, delivering an engaging, intimate contact with music of all kinds. It rises to the musical and emotional occasion each and every time you listen. Its exotic, sculptural shapes reveal an extraordinary build quality, complemented by the deep natural luster of clear lacquer over Birch, or a deep and rich piano lacquer finish. You can order yours in custom-made in cherry. Loiminchay speakers reproduce the precise to the passionate: Glenn Gould caressing his master‚s voice or Vladimir Horowitz in full expressive flight. Loiminchay effortlessly takes you to the very essence of the music.

Systems available from $15,000 to over $70,000. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Default Re: Loiminchay Audio Speakers - New High-End Speaker Systems

Thanks for posting the press release!

Just thought to add the following:

Loiminchay • 46-39 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11355
212.941.7488 •

For Reviews, Press Information and Photos Contact
Jonathan Scull • Scull Communications

Regards to All,
Jonathan Scull
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Default Re: Loiminchay Audio Speakers - New High-End Speaker Systems

I don't see contact info in other posts, so if I've crossed a line, apologies, and just lop my reply off.
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Default Re: Loiminchay Audio Speakers - New High-End Speaker Systems

From what has been said about the Degas, they most look beautiful. Has anyone seen them?
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Default Re: Loiminchay Audio Speakers - New High-End Speaker Systems

Hi there, Loiminchay Chagall speakers, more info on those soon, were exhibited at the last Home Entertainment show in New York, and they were at CES as well. You can hear them at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and again at CES this year. The dealer network is growing so Loiminchay hope everyone has an opportunity to listen to them soon!

Jonathan Scull
Scull Communications for Loiminchay
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