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blacklisthunter 06-16-2008 06:26 PM

New to Audio
Hi I'm relatively new to the audio scene and as a youngish person with.. probably not enough experience, I would like to ask ARVforum members their suggestions for a starter floor standing set.

Not too expensive say under $700/pair would be nice. I Know this price range is a lot to ask.
I've listened to widely known brands such as Polk and Klipsch and are not satisfied with polk but klipsch seems a little bit better.

I currently have a low name brand called Fluance AV-F3 and they seem a little weak for me. not enough midbass and not bright enough in the tweeters section.

I have also auditioned Paradigm Monitor 11 & Studio 100 and definitely like those but they are quite a bit too much money for me.

I also auditioned the JM Labs.. and absolutely love those bright tweeters, but once again the price is too high for me.

Any suggestion is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

JerryDelColliano 06-16-2008 07:07 PM

Re: New to Audio
Go Blue Chip - Paradigm, Definitive, PSB, B&W (if you can spend that) etc...

JM Labs are very good too.

Trust your ears. If you like them - they are good. Just know if you buy something odd - that you likely will only get 25 cents on the dollar.

Robinson_A 06-17-2008 12:06 AM

Re: New to Audio
DefTech and/or Paradigm gets my vote. My first pair of "real" audiophile speakers were a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7's. Check out Audiogon, they can be had for super low prices. If you want to go new you might want to check out Magnepan MMG's. A pair of MMG's (sold direct through Magnepan) and a NAD 320BEE integrated or the like will make you very very happy.

kennyt 06-17-2008 03:08 AM

Re: New to Audio
One very inexpensive speaker I have always been impressed by are the new DCM's.

Their TOTL speaker can be had for just about the $700 you want to spend, and they offer a lot of sound for the money. The thing that impresses me most about them is the smoothness of the mids and highs, lower priced speakers can get edgy up top and these do not. Every time I hear these I am totally impressed at how good they sound for the miniscule cost. They can put you into an entire HT for less than $1,500 with sub and all if you end up going that way.

blacklisthunter 06-17-2008 01:45 PM

Re: New to Audio
Thank you guys for the great advice. It is very much appreciated.

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