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virtualfish 04-11-2008 11:27 PM

Need help - Tannoy any good?
Hello everyone,

I'm very new to all of these audio/video discussions. In the last two weeks I have been gorging myself on the incredible advice and information. In all honesty I can't begin to tell you how useful these forums are.

Ok i'm building a home theater in a room which is basically 16'x12'. I'm using a projector/film screen so would like to keep some speakers in the wall for that real cinema feel.

I've been pretty comfortable in choosing the components, but the speaker and subwoofer have been very hard for me. Can you let me know if this is a good deal, and/or if I should get something else for the money. If it helps I'm driving them with a Denon 3808ci.

IW4 DC -Tannoy In-Wall Speaker. I'm paying $234.75 each. 4 of those are $939

IW62 TDC $598 Dual concentric 6 1/2 DC 1' Super tweeter.

Subwoofer is a Proficient S12 250W. I'm paying $343.

Any advice or knowledge of these would be very much appreciated. This room for me and my family is a dream come true so I would hate for me to have screwed up the sound when I'm paying almost $2k.

Thanks in advance,


wes 04-13-2008 02:35 PM

Re: Need help - Tannoy any good?
Tannoy are very good speaker, iI myself prefer the B&W sound. If you want tru cinema feel go with stand alone speakers inwalls will never give you the same quality as stand alone.

kennyt 04-13-2008 04:48 PM

Re: Need help - Tannoy any good?

You might have been right a year or so back, but now their are some in wall systems that truly do sound good, ask Andrew about his Meridian in walls, or look into the new Revel's just to name a few. The in wall market is huge and growing fast and as manufacturers adapt to the needs of this situation, the quality will only continue to improve.

wes 04-13-2008 10:36 PM

Re: Need help - Tannoy any good?
I have B&W Signature 8NT in wall

and they are not as good as my 803s!

kennyt 04-14-2008 05:01 AM

Re: Need help - Tannoy any good?
Sorry to 'hear' that!

rlpiii 04-14-2008 10:13 AM

Re: Need help - Tannoy any good?

Originally Posted by wes (Post 13932)
I have B&W Signature 8NT in wall

and they are not as good as my 803s!

Well, of course, "they are not as good as your 803s!"
Look how much r & d went into just the cabinets of the 800 series.
Why would you expect a standard wall to function the same?
The 8NT is a great in-wall speaker, especially, considering, it uses your builders standard drywall-2X4-crap for its box.
I still have not heard any in-walls that sound better.
I have 2 pair of 8NTs and a pair of CSW DS8s which are working great for back/surround.
I also have 12 more pair of various B&W in-wall/in-ceiling models throughout for whole house and back/surround.

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