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filmfan 03-02-2008 11:25 PM

Which Speakers?
As a precursor I am pretty inexperienced in the ways of an actual home theator build out and all that is going to come with it. I am a video retailer for a day job and absolutly love movies obviousily, so if my future questions seem elementary my apologies in advance, that said there is very little if anything on the software side that I can't answer.

So tomorrow I start gutting a room to convert to a home theator, so I imagine that over the next few weeks there may some questions coming from me, all help and advice is greatly appreciated, and I thank all in advance.

My first question is which speakers should I go with, I have a Pioneer VSX84 and the room is 13' x 25' X 8'. I have looked at Mythos OMD, Deftech ST with 10's for the center and surrounds along with supercube 1 subs. I also wonder if Atalantic Techs are good for the money?

Of course the system well be 7.1 or 7.2 THX?

And in case anyone was questioning the system will be used only for movies.

kennyt 03-03-2008 04:33 AM

Re: Which Speakers?

Let me first say you will likely never be done in the three weeks you are shooting for without even knowing the gear you want!

Speakers are very personal. You owe it to yourself to take movies you are familiar with and go out and listen to all the systems you can and see which sound best to you!!! I can't stress this enough!!! You will be the one living with them, so what I prefer is irrelevant if you don't like the sound of them!! Make sense??

That said, the Def Tech Mythos ST's I reviewed for AVRev stayed, I bought them at the end. I like them a lot, more for music than film but they are very good for movies as well. Atlantic makes a good speaker too, as do Paradigm, Revel, B&W, DCM, Snell just to name a few.

You really need to go out and hit every store you can find and see how many different speakers you can hear and see what you like and dislike about each one and decide what will make you the most happy.

All speakers are different, and each does some things better than others. You just need to find the ones that do the best for you and your ears!

rlpiii 03-03-2008 08:14 AM

Re: Which Speakers?

Originally Posted by filmfan (Post 12396)
My first question is which speakers should I go with, I have a Pioneer VSX84 and the room is 13' x 25' X 8'. . .

. . . Of course the system well be 7.1 or 7.2 THX?

Since you are converting a basement, do you have any load bearing posts or columns in the middle of the room? I know a few people that did a basement to theater conversion, and wished they had accounted for them. From what I've seen, these things are put in horrible places that can make it difficult to design around.

Also, I prefer 15" dual subs. They have a special, unique sound that I like. If you have not auditioned multiple sized subs yet, I would suggest doing so before you buy. If you can, try to go full-range all the way around for your speakers, and keep the same brand all the way around to avoid any hand-off problems and matching difficulties.

filmfan 03-03-2008 08:18 AM

Re: Which Speakers?

Thanks for your advice in both posts, I have a longer time frame than 3 weeks, I am taking it slow so as not to get into something I really did not want. I have previewed the Deftech Mythos and really liked them as well as the Mirage which weren't bad either. The Atlantic Tech were very good also. Due to living in WY I cannot preview too many without getting on an airplane which is what I most likely will do.

I have also previewed serval inwall systems which I do not like, they are too sharp. I also play guitar and have chased tone my whole life, well since I was ten, so I understand that sound quality and tone are a subjective thing.

I have read that some speaker system and some amplifiers do not play well together, sense I am happy with although not married too my Pioneer, I was hoping that I could get a parred down list of brands and/or models?

kennyt 03-03-2008 08:23 AM

Re: Which Speakers?
I haven't had a Pioneer receiver since my VSX-09 Elite which was an older model (1997) and a little edgy in the upper end but the newer ones I've heard are much better than this, likely due to improved handling of digital audio.

What is your speaker budget and is the display going to be on the long or short wall?


I must agree with multiple subs (ideally four but i digress) multiple 15" subs might seriously overpower a basement room with low ceilings. concrete walls and a relatively small volume might be better served with two 12's or a single 15, but then again it depends on the sub......

filmfan 03-03-2008 08:25 AM

Re: Which Speakers?

I would even consider the project if there were load bearing beams or colums. I have built and remodeled enough stores and homes to know a good deal about these things.

I like the idea of a THX type setup but just don't know how to add the second sub, I would imagine that you need some amp or convertor system to get around the single out sub, I need to look at my amp it is THX ultra 2 certified so maybe it is already set up for this, as I said I am not a pro at this stuff, but really enjoy learning and trying things like this for the experience and of doing it and the end experience of watching great and even not great movies in a cool comfortable room.

Thanks for your input.

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