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Can on-wall speakers perform as well as floorstanders?
Do you think on-wall speakers can come close to imaging as well and sound as good as floor-standing speakers?

Robinson_A 06-11-2007 01:22 PM

Re: Can on-wall speakers perform as well as floorstanders?
YES. In my reference system, my Meridian in-walls (review coming soon in have bested a number of top notch floor-standing speakers with ease. Not to mention they image like champs and take up zero space in my living room/reference room. I'm a huge supporter of in-walls/on-walls. All of my systems are or will be in or on-wall systems soon.

Check out Paradigm, Definitive Technology, RBH, Aperion, PSB and Meridian if you're serious about in-walls. For on-walls I love Gallo and Morel.


devanee 06-12-2007 04:56 PM

Re: Can on-wall speakers perform as well as floorstanders?
Any thoughts about 'ceiling speakers?'

Cant put anything in wall/on-wall in my family room, but the ceiling has 4 face plates.

I would like to hang 4 speakers, but I am not sure what is the biggest size that speakers can hang/mount without looking too obtrusive..

I have researched items such as orb, mirage nanosat, even (dare I say it..bose).

Although these are nice speakers, I know I lose on sound because of the size.

Any suggestions that can fit my needs? What should the size limit be?

THanks again for the help...

Robinson_A 06-12-2007 05:03 PM

Re: Can on-wall speakers perform as well as floorstanders?
Take a look at Paradigm or Definitive Technology's latest batch of quality in-ceiling speakers. I've heard both brands offerings at length and can't say enough about them. They are really good.

clinthicum 06-18-2007 09:58 AM

Re: Can on-wall speakers perform as well as floorstanders?
I typically don't recommend the use of on or in-wall speakers for home theater use, unless space or wife restrictions apply. Especially for the front speakers (L, C & R), I'm in favor of typical floor standing or book shelf speakers to create a well balanced and controlled audio field. As for the surround channels (main and back), the use of in-ceiling speakers or di-pole on-wall speakers will not harm a theater. So little audio goes thru the rear channels, I recommend that folks spend the extra bucks on the front 3 speakers and save their money on the surrounds.

FiguredMaple 06-22-2007 07:39 AM

Re: Can on-wall speakers perform as well as floorstanders?
I am currently in the market for a stand-free environment. Little kids and their ability to knock over speakers on stands, or get their hands on cables are stressful.

I will be convinced about the performance of in-walls and on-walls when I am able to A/B them beside traditional cabinet speakers.

However, I think it is great and influential to read reviews that perform comparisons for me especially on new models.

I would sure like Meridian components, but they are out of my price range.

I particularly like companies that are technically advanced, and do not seem to be relying on magic. ;)
In-walls provide the best look, but placement and the seating position need to be perfect. There is some flexibility with models that have moveable tweeters, but there is still a limit.

On-walls seem to be an easier solution with easier installation, placement, and positioning options. If required, they can be placed on outside walls without disturbing insulation. For less than perfect placement options, (consider open concept rooms, maybe with pillars) brackets can be used for positioning.

I am currently interested in the following brands for on-walls, and would really like to read reviews and comparisons on them with highly rated cabinet speakers. In addition, when reading reviews, I am very interested in how all speakers perform with two-channel music.

B&W XT or FPM series
Dynaudio Contour SR or Audience 42 SAT series
Martin Logan

While trying to create a large sweet spot for the listeners, maybe the length of a couch, I would prefer to have seven exact same speakers all around the room, at ear level.

Dedicated center channels speakers and dipoles seem wrong to me.

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