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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Good for you Jimmy!

The Signatures are a great speaker, enjoy them. Don't fret to much about getting all new components, if they sound good now, enjoy them as they are for a while. You can always add an amp to the 805 and get the pre/pro later on down the road....
Ken Taraszka, MD
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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

I listened to many speakers - Theil, Klipsch, Polk, LSA, and Monitor Audio, in addition to many Def Techs (Mythos One, BP7006. BP7002, and Mythos STS) - no local Paradigm dealer and the B&W dealer was very unavailable. Outside of the Def Techs above, the only ones that I really preferred were the Monitor Audio's (GS20) - they were very close to the STS, but I just like the STS's better.

After I had just about made up my mind, I found the STs and the Ten center online (authorized dealer) for what I think is an incredible deal:

Mythos ST - $1,563 each
Mythos 10 - $699

I also got the Denon 3808 for $1,098.

Setting it up this weekend.

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Thumbs up Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

I have owned quite a few Audiophile setups which is how I rate the accuracy of a speaker ,as I go to many concerts or Jazz clubs. The Mythos -St is the finest speaker currently on the market for under $6k foroverall balance .
Yes there are speakers such as the bigger Maggi that may be more cohesive in the mids but not my much ,and the Maggi is not as dynamic ,the paradigm sigs are very good I just found the Mythos to be a little smoother and natural sounding ,and the Bass is outstanding. I did put some bigger brass cones under the speaker and I encourage everyone to use the Hifi tuning pure silver fuses - including all the equipment for it is cumulative in inner detail and focus,for compared to a standard steel buzzman fuse the resistance is hundreds of times lower and makes the speaker
that much better all around it makes the amp run easier No more Log jams of resistance, as well as the excellent DH labs power cords these small additions made the bass faster as well as better integration and definition. I am using the New Wyred for sound Ice amplifiers the ST -500 which is as good or better than the Bell Canto 1000s that are $4k this is $1600 with wbt connectors Hifituning fuses and a 20 amp iec connector
and I experimented and found the VooDoo Silver Dragon power cord a outstanding match for the amp .My system beats systems at 2x the cost all day long ,and the Oppo 983 dvd player destroys anything at $1k+ and it is under $400 check it out !
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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

I don`t believe anone will argue with you about the sound, and value that the Mtyhos bring to the table.
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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Originally Posted by jimmydaves View Post
Hey everyone:

I've read nothing but raves about the Mythos ST and Mythos Ten Center Channel speaker, here at Avrev and every other publication.

I've auditioned the Mythos ST's with the Mythos Ten and thought they were very, very good speakers. There really wasn't any weaknesses that I could zero in on and the bass and dynamics seemed effortless. I auditioned these without the sub because I wanted to see how much bass they could pump out.

My use for speakers is going to be about 90% home theater and the Paradigm Studio Reference (100's, CC690, ADP590) speakers were going to be my original choice, but after reading the reviews and auditioning the Mythos ST I've "hit the wall" and cannot seem to make a decision now.

The review here on Avrev pretty much confirmed my impressions of the Paradigm Studio Reference. The review on the Definitive Technology Mythos ST speakers created a lot more excitement. I'd love to have the Mythos ST's as both mains and surrounds as the reviewer did in his review and since the reviews of the Def Tech's and Paradigm speakers were done by the same reviewer, I'd love to pick his brain about these two systems.

I don't see how anyone could go wrong with the Paradigm setup. For me, I feel that the center speaker is a deal breaker when it comes to home theater systems. It's quite a chore and tedious to watch a movie and not have clear dialogue. I've listened to so many "high end" speakers only to find out the center channel speakers fell short and were a disappointment. I felt that the Paradigm CC690 was probably one the ultimate center channel speakers arround which was making my decision towards a Paradigm HT easy. The Mythos Ten was good as a center as well and mated very well with the ST's.

The review on the Paradigms was very good here on Avrev and I didn't think another speaker system could match it on the price/performance side. Then the Mythos ST review comes along and it's so good, the reviewer is keeping the speakers. I guess what I'd like to know is: Was there anything that the Paradigms did better than the Mythos ST's?

How would these two home theater systems match if the reviewer used the Def Tech Gems as surrounds instead of another pair of Mythos ST's? (After reading the review, I can't imaging owning the Mythos ST's system WITHOUT having the Mythos ST's as surrounds. It's just way too tempting to want to own that setup). I'd like to know how the Paradigm ADP590's surrounds compared to the Def Tech surround speakers and not just the Mythos ST's.

I'm looking forward to getting some good feedback and also thought it was a good time to create a thread about these amazing Def Tech Mythos ST's speakers. Thanks!
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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

I had the chance to listen to both the Paradigm reference sig and the Mythos -ST, the center may be a little better on center with the paradigm , but for main speakers the ST is so much more balanced especially if you will be playing music it is much more natural -not as opaque
sounding compared .I had $7k going in for a speaker and I walked away with the Mythos st with no regrets what so ever !
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