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LindaE 06-04-2007 12:32 PM

New Martin Logan Speakers or older ones?
I currently have a Martin Logan Cinema Center and am gearing up to begin my search for a pair of Martin Logan front Speakers

I have heard that the older ML are of much better quality than the newer Martin Logan's.

Can anybody with experience with them weigh in on this?


Brian 06-06-2007 12:03 PM

Re: New Martin Logan Speakers or older ones?
I have had several pairs of Martin Logans over the years and have had no problems with the build quality giong down. In my review I noted that the wood working skills are not on par with the best but this is with respect to aesthetics only. The sound quality remains phenomenal in my Summits.

RobRan 06-06-2007 03:12 PM

Re: New Martin Logan Speakers or older ones?

I have only had one pair of logans to compair: I have the ReQuest's front left & right, with the Theater in the center. I can tell you I find nothing lacking in either of these speakers. I would like to sampe the new Summits in my house to make a compairson. From the reviews I've been reading the Summits get the job done - that is if you can afford them.


PS - Martin logan user group

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