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JerryDelColliano 09-16-2007 06:09 PM

Esommileir - wine on your iPhone?
I saw it with my own two eyes. A wine cellar management systtem that can tell you when it is time to gulp down that 1985 Sasaccai without missing a day of its potential.

You can also do this on your crestron.



JerryDelColliano 11-03-2007 12:25 PM

Re: Esommileir - wine on your iPhone?
I think many wine makers (even on this side of the pond) are getting a little snobby.

I was at the Wine Merchant, a cool store up Canon from Spago, and they were saying they couldn't get wine from Kistler (a winemaker I really like) because they have a TINY wine bar. Supposedly, they will ONLY sell directly to retailers and having a place to actually TASTE wine doesn't meet their rules.

This is the kind of snobbery that KILLED of high end audio and the audiophile market.

deacongreg 11-05-2007 03:01 PM

Re: Esommileir - wine on your iPhone?
Correct Jerry. This attitude has been prevalent in the high end for years. But, hopefully kindler and gentlier people will prevail in the near future.

JerryDelColliano 11-11-2007 02:12 PM

Re: Esommileir - wine on your iPhone?
Wine isn't supposed to be about snobbery and the old-school way of the sommilier should be only for the LAMEST of eateries.

Maybe its a CA-thing but people here are pretty fired up to show off their wine list. They quickly sense if you know what you are after. They are also willing to bring you a taste of many things (on them) if you are can't decide.

To me, that is the spirit of the art. There is no right an wrong in wine - just what you like. Its like saying MartinLogan's sound "wrong" versus say Revels. That's just silly. They sound DIFFERENT and you may like one sound better than another which is perfectly fine and respectable. But how many times have you been to a dealer where they crapped all over a product because it is "wrong" or "not as good"? It always loses SO many points with me when they do that.

deacongreg 11-14-2007 02:57 PM

Re: Esommileir - wine on your iPhone?
Oh my GOD, boy did you hit a nerve there!! I guess, I`ll keep this dealer in lower Manhattan silent to the forum, but they are prominent, supposedly well respected, and definitely very opinionated about what gear you should buy, or not.

Turned me off totally. Now, I only go there if they are having a particular company, or unveiling of some new product at their location, then, and only then, will I go.

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