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ATON Debuts Digital Audio Router and Touchpads
ATON announced that its new DH44 Digital Audio Router, touchpads, and accessory products will all leverage the just-announced Digi5 technology presented at CEDIA EXPO 2007 in Denver.

Announced to the trade press on Sept. 5th by the Linear Home Technology Group, Digi5 is a revolutionary new technology standard and structure that provides a complete end-to-end solution over alternative to CAT5 wiring. Digi5 is based on advanced digital distribution and amplification circuits that allow multi-room audio systems to be installed more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

"The advantages offered by incorporating the new Digi5 technologies into our product are obvious," stated Williams. "Because of this landmark standard, we are able to deliver distortion-free, more cost-effective and more powerful products than previously seen by our industry."

Designed to accept any analog or digital audio/video component, the DH44 with Digi5 converts four analog source inputs to digital and passes digital source inputs over Cat5 wire to all connected DHTP1 digital amplified touchpads. The system is expandable to 28 zones using DH46x expansion routers. The ATON touchpad features an elegant touch-surface with a built-in high efficiency digital amplifier (30 watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms) and requires no software programming to operate. Installation is easily accomplished by running a Cat5 wire from the hub to each touchpad location and by running speaker wire from the touchpad to the speakers.

For zones in which a local source is desired, such as an iPod® or another in-room audio component, a DHSIP source input wallplate can be connected to the touchpad via Cat5 wire, and the local source can be selected from the touchpad.

Digi5 is a collaboratively developed technology that is licensed by the Linear Home Technology Group and is being initially integrated on a Linear Group-wide basis, targeted to expand market and consumer acceptance of such systems. It is also intended to be made available to other manufacturers in the custom installation arena who meet licensing criteria.

ATON will be debuting its company and its products for the first time at the CEDIA EXPO in Denver. The company's groundbreaking products will provide home systems with state-of-the art signal routing that have unmatched simplicity of installation and affordability, making multi-room systems a reality for more people and more homes worldwide.

ATON will be presenting the entire DH44 Digital Audio Router system with Digi5, including the expansion hub, local source wall plate and ATON's exclusive electronic touchpad. A four room DH44 systems will retail for about $1500. The products are targeted to ship in the fourth quarter of this year. To see this exciting new product with Digi5 and ATON's entire new line of signal routing products, stop by Booth 1008 at CEDIA EXPO 2007 in Denver.

JerryDelColliano 09-16-2007 07:08 PM

Re: ATON Debuts Digital Audio Router and Touchpads
There are a lot of new players in the home automation market.

The question is - at the right price are you wiling to jump in??


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