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Marantz Debuts HDMI 1.3a Switcher at CES 2008
Marantz America will introduce an ultimate-quality HDMI version 1.3a Switcher (Model VS3002, SRP: $349.99) at CES 2008. The VS3002 (shipping in February 2008) is designed to provide increased switching capabilities for virtually any A/V Receiver or Preamp/processor when used with today’s most advanced HDMI based video sources, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVD video formats.

With its HDMI version 1.3a (6-In/2-Out) switching capability, discrete set of commands, RS-232c control terminal and direct IR input jacks, the VS3002 is designed with the custom installer in mind. It is the perfect “add-on” product to expand any HDMI based home theater system. And thanks to its switching capability between six inputs and two outputs, it affords an easy and reliable solution for multi-display home entertainment installations.

The VS3002 is designed for simple plug-and-play connectivity, and features automatic input switching for ease of use. The unit’s output signal emphasizer ensures that the highest quality video signal is being passed along to today’s high-definition displays and is especially useful for maintaining optimum performance through long cable runs. In addition, a special Sync Mode feature makes the VS3002 the ideal companion for use with Marantz A/V receivers and projectors as input/output switching is automatically recognized. RS-232 control, IR input/output, and a Multi-voltage power supply adds to its flexibility in a HDMI based multi display home entertainment system.

deacongreg 01-10-2008 05:49 PM

Re: Marantz Debuts HDMI 1.3a Switcher at CES 2008
Superb, absolutely excellent. The type of product we all need. Though, I imagine, if this Blu-Ray victory is going to happen, there will be only one HD DVD player to connect now.

PalmHarbor 01-11-2008 07:09 AM

Re: Marantz Debuts HDMI 1.3a Switcher at CES 2008
This is interesting as Marantz did not add HDMI inputs into their receivers until this year.

Harleyujoe 01-21-2008 09:13 AM

Re: Marantz Debuts HDMI 1.3a Switcher at CES 2008
Would this new 1.3a switcher work on a Marantz SR 8001 receiver that is 1.2
and improve the audio and video and update it to what the SR 8002 receiver is.
Thank You Joe

kennyt 01-21-2008 10:58 AM

Re: Marantz Debuts HDMI 1.3a Switcher at CES 2008
It wouldn't do anything for the audio, the 8001 is HDMI 1.2 so it can accept multichannel PCM but not the bitstream for high res audio formats, the video section in the 8001/8002 both only upconvert to 480p (kind of a joke) so no there either.

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