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TheMoose 05-31-2007 10:34 PM

Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?
I've been wanting to replace my current HT reciever with one that has HDMI, right now without spending a boatload of cash it's hard to find any recievers with more than 3 HDMI inputs.
I need 4 HDMI inputs right now & would expect to need a couple of more in the near future.
All the recievers have 6 or more composite & S/Video inputs, what's up with that??
In the $1.5-$2K price range that I'm shopping in who is going to need that many composite or S/Video inputs?
Myself I only need 1 S/Video & that's because my old VCR is the only piece of equipment in my rack that has a clock so I haven't pulled it out yet.

I understand Sherwood Newcastle is going to have a reciever with 6 HDMI inputs but not till August & the nearest dealer is 150 miles from me!!

Also what is the hold up with HDMI 1.3 recievers?
The specs were set a year ago & still nothing.

I don't want to have to upgrade my reciever every year so I'm kind of in limbo waiting on the manufactures.

Strutter 06-01-2007 08:38 AM

Re: Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?
hdmi switchers can be purchased fairly reasonably from a lot cheeper than a reciever with 6 ports.
although the specs for 1.3 have been set for sometime. this year we are seeing the first components utilizing it. and there are very few of them. i dont know of any Tv that supports it yet but the new models will be out around august from most manufacturers. i believe the next generation HD players will have it. havent heard of any recievers that will support it. and i'm not sure there is any content available yet to fully utilize 1.3's capabilities.

be patient this stuff doesnt happen over night. if you absolutely must have 6 v1.3 hdmi ports your best bet is to wait. and that may be a long wait.

TheMoose 06-01-2007 10:28 AM

Re: Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?
Well there are enough problems with the HDMI handshake that the last thing I want to do is add a switcher into the mix!!

My 70" XBR2 is not 1.3 so the video side isn't an issue, audio is another thing.
My PS3 is 1.3 & I want to be able to decode all the losses audio formats on Blu-Ray movies.

deacongreg 06-01-2007 10:29 AM

Re: Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?
I feel your pain. With the additional HDCP copy protection handshake issues to add to this, it does not help. Add also this silly HD DVD vs. Blu - Ray scenario, its just crazy.

And of course, you have all those analog inputs on the back of your receiver for what was supposed a great desire to use SACD and or DVD - A discs. But we know what is now happening with that.

And yet, the high end community wants to know why, the Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco buyer will not go to the next level?

Bob Rapoport 06-01-2007 11:05 AM

Re: Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?
Strutter comes the closest to the right answer. PureLink and the other manufacturers are waiting for parts availability to do the things that need to be done. Silicon Image makes the parts that work and they are expensive and take time to get. Thats the problem....not enough supply of the parts that work. There are cheap parts that dont work and those are the cause of all the failures. We dont use those parts, however, there are several brands that do, including Doing 1080p correctly matters, not price. never really told anybody how to implement HDCP, hence the difficulties with compatiblity. They have heard the complaints and are taking
steps now to correct it but it did make a lot of folks gun-shy about adopting the new HDMI standard.

deacongreg 06-01-2007 01:40 PM

Re: Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?
Well, hopefully Mr. Rappaport you are right, and the corrections, updates, parts, etc. will come sooner then later. The HDTV market is the hottest its been right now, prices are still getting lower...................

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