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HD DVD Software & Hardware Here is a place to post on everything and anything HD DVD. Toshiba's dead format lives on here.

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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player

Originally Posted by The Elite A/VPhile View Post
Since I own a home theater and hi-fi company I obviously get all of my gear for my cost. I'm not partial to either format, but I have checked them all out and liked the Toshiba HD-A20 the best. But,...this was before the 3rd generation came out. I'm not worried about it not being 1.3v because we're still not up to that version yet. I have 4 home theaters in my home. Well, 3. My Krell is a home theater, but I mainly use it for multi-channel music. I also have a Lexicon with Totem speakers, a Cambridge Audio with Revel Performa speakers and actually believe it or not, but my Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS with 1.2v and Definitive Technology BP 7000s, BP 7006s as rears, c/l/r 2500 and 2300s as centers, SM-450s as rears and 4 SuperCube Trinity Signature subwoofers is my favorite. Anyway I bought a Toshiba 52HL167 that has the best picture I've seen yet. It is so true to life it looks like you're right there. I'm not a big fan of plasma because they are too colorful. I prefer true to life color. With my receiver being 1.2v and my HD DVD being 1.2 on that screen as far as I'm concerned is as 3D as 3D can get, but that is because we are still at 1.2v anyway. I also have 2 Pioneer Elite A-35Rs. One running my SM-450s and the other running my 2 C/L/R 2300s as my R and L centers on each side of my 2500. Which makes for the perfect wide center channel to match my 7000s. It sounds awesome. Anyway I run the HD DVD audio in auto mode, so my VSX-82 runs in Dolby Digital perfectly. I can't complain about the perfect separation, detail, imaging and soundstage it produces. I'm running my complete system with Audioquest HDMI Ones, AQ Kingcobras for interconnects and AQ Gibraltars as speaker wire. My CEDIA custom installers and I put the whole system together. Once we were finished none of us have ever heard a system of that quality sound as good as my Krell system. We just finished the system and I'm thinking of putting it in a couple of the home theater magazines if they'll accept. Back to the Toshiba HD-A20. It makes SD DVDs look extremely improved like it's suppose to. I'm going to have to say I've seen the 3rd generation players because I carry them and I still think the HD-A20 is the best HD DVD so far, but that also depends on the monitor, receiver or pre/pro, interconnects and speaker wire you use to get the enhanced high-end a/v you want to get out of your source. And I almost forgot, also use a good line conditioner because to keep out EMI and RFI you not only need proper PSC+, well insullated cables and wires, but a line conditioner to boot! When it all goes to 1.3av then that's when I'll replace the receiver and HD DVD, MAYBE! We'll see if there's an improvement. They'll have to show me not tell me!

You are my hero!! lol
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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player

Now, if there were actually some good movies to rent to justify the purchase of a HD DVD player.
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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player


Jesus - you are a liberal. Its $99 for the player and $24 for the movies. C'mon.

After this post what do you say - we go pick fights with death treats and then get the forum shut down? Sound like Felonious fun?
Jerry Del Colliano
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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player

I got an A35, my first hd disc player, and wow I'm very impressed. My Sharp XV-12000 projector is only 720p and this player still looks incredible. The thing that impresses me the most is how good of a cd/ dts music player it is! Note that that player will not play DVD-audio (will do dts though) or SACD. This thing is scarily close to my Linn 1.1 for music.
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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player

Originally Posted by spearl8 View Post
This thing is scarily close to my Linn 1.1 for music.
There is an endorsement if I've ever heard one. I have the A35 as well, and while I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it rivals a Linn product the audio it does churn out is WAAAY beyond what is expected for a DVD player let alone one that costs less than $500.
Andrew Robinson

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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player

Haha. Of course the linn is better, but considering this thing cost $400 with 7 free movies it's a hell of a player.
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