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Microsoft to Cease Production of HD DVD Drive For Xbox 360
For much of the HD disc format war Microsoft’s Xbox 360 represented one of the most stable and the most affordable options for consumers to try HD DVD. Unlike Sony’s Playstation 3, which is based specifically on the Blu-ray platform, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console requires an external drive to play HD movies and today the HD DVD partner announced they will no longer will be making the drive for HD DVD.

Don’t expect Xbox 360 to switch its drive to Blu-ray any time soon, but the switcheroo comes only a little more than a week after HD DVD’s main supporter, Toshiba, announced they are throwing in the towel on the format.

The news comes as no surprise to those following the HD disc format war, but does highlight the significance and power of the video game market. With the power to sell $50 titles year in and year out, the video game market has proven to be where new technologies either make it or break it. The stakes are just that high.

Inventory for the Microsoft drives still can be had (likely with a deep discount after today) and can be a reasonable way to pick up an HD movie player at an amazing discount. Hardcore fans of HD DVD report on that 1080i (not the highest resolution format – 1080p) players are being blow-out at retailers for as little as $79.99 with software titles packing 50 percent or deeper discounts. Considering HD DVD was the leader in the format war for much of the battle – there might be some HD battle out there but buyer beware that you will want to make sure your Blu-ray player is solidly installed in your rig with all of the latest, Oscar-winning titles piled up and ready to play before you go bargain basement shopping for HD DVD at this stage.

by: Jerry Del Colliano

gbeenie 02-28-2008 11:35 PM

Re: Microsoft to Cease Production of HD DVD Drive For Xbox 360
BTW, Best Buy is currently blowing their remaining XBox 360 HD-DVD drives out the door for $50.

vnvnvn2000 03-17-2009 08:17 AM

Re: Microsoft to Cease Production of HD DVD Drive For Xbox 360
Well, at least you admit you own one of those now dead add-ons. Why buy an add-on? You get a Blu-Ray player in the PS3, one that is update-proof. I guess it would be the cheaper route for the few people out there who only have a 360 and HD-DVD players. Hopefully your add-on would be update-proof as well. It would be smart to release an XBOX 360 with built in Blu Ray, purely for the massive games that could be put in all of that space. Plus Blu Ray has a higher data transfer rate than DVD and HD-DVD so that would help with games as well. PS3 sales are just going to keep outnumbering 360 sales until they release a Blu Ray add-on or internal version. Plus MGS4 is almost here, w00t.

gbeenie 03-17-2009 10:14 AM

Re: Microsoft to Cease Production of HD DVD Drive For Xbox 360
Um, I never said I owned one. I have an HD-DVD player, which I purchased a year-and-a-half ago. In fact, the closest I've come to owning a current-gen console is the XBox 360 I'm about to get for free (long story).

Kindly refrain from bothering people with tiresome "PS3 Vs 360" nonsense; it's about as much based on reality as toothless rednecks' "Ford Vs. Chevy" debate.

lanceloare 10-29-2010 01:43 AM

Re: Microsoft to Cease Production of HD DVD Drive For Xbox 360
No, you bought a product in a field where there was an unclear future due to the obvious format war.

You live on the bleeding edge, you get cut.

I have an HD DVD player too, so I am feeling the sting, but we just bet on the wrong horse.

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