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bifyu 07-23-2009 04:29 PM

CD binder/sleeve insert recommendations
I've acquired many CDs over the years. Their jewel cases occupy many linear feet of shelf space, so I'd like to move them to a more compact storage archive. I was thinking of something like binders with 2x2 CD sleeve inserts that would allow storage of both the disc and its liner notes. Does anyone have specific recommendations for these sleeve inserts? I think the following features would be desirable:

8 "slots"/page (4 ea, front/back). Each disc would take two sleeves, one for the disc itself, and the other for the liner notes for identification. Or is there some reason 4/page front and back is not advisable and I should stick with single sided pages?

sleeve materials that will protect the discs

some sort of flap or other feature that will retain the disc so it won't fall out if the binder is tilted toward the sleeve's openings

I know CaseLogic makes some fairly large capacity binders, but the sleeves don't seem to have all of my wishlist features. I also thought it might be a bit cheaper and more shelf friendly to use 2-3" heavy duty D-slant-ring 3-ring binders, but I'm open to suggestions on the binder part as well.

What says the AVRev Forum expertise and experience on this?

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