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JerryDelColliano 08-04-2007 01:59 PM

Getz and Gilberto - better than Kind of Blue on SACD?

My SACD player is a Sony five disc changer and this SACD NEVER EVER leaves the tray. Same with Dark Side.

Like Kind of Blue, there isn't a bad note on the record. If pressed, I would say Getz and Gilberto is a slightly better sounding record but I wouldn't want to live without both. Truly a killer record. Absolutely defines the Brazilian Jazz genre.

What would you do to someone if they tried to take this disc away from you?

deacongreg 09-29-2007 06:22 PM

Re: Getz and Gilberto - better than Kind of Blue on SACD?
Without a doubt, this is a great record. One that got played quite a bit. And, I will have to pick this up on SACD. Is this better than Miles? I would have to say, both titles meant a lot for jazz and bossa Nova, or really Brazilian jazz. So, I don`t think a comparison is fair.
However, Miles may get a slight edge in my opinion.

BUT, and this may surprise you Jerry. My introduction to Astrud Gilberto came on CTI`s recording, "Astrud Gilberto." A beautiful cd, and a must have. Lush strings with great sidemen, I was blown away by her voice and the brazilian sound. With one of my favorite tenor sax players backing her up, Stanley Turrentine, this cd is great. Favorites: Wanting Things, Brazilian Tapestry, To a Flame (beautiful flute solo by Hubert Laws), and Vera Cruz with Stanley rocking on the sax.

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