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Default Re: Service, above all could save the high end audio industry

Forgive me, I have sinned. I really did something stupid. You know, the trouble I seem to have in high end audio is the dealers, for the most part, not the companies.

I bought a few years ago, three speakers, wires and a Pioneer Blu-Ray from a dealer and spent a lot of money. However, he went to THIS SITE and recognized my pictures in show your system, and called me up and yelled at me for not buying my surround sound unit from him! He later kind of apologized for that, but it was unbelievable.

It gets worse. There are no longer any high end dealers around me, and I VERY FOOLISHLY thought we had long settled our differences that other guy. So when I went to buy a new Projector I wanted someone familiar with all my equipment. (The dealers around me no longer carry the brands I mostly have and would have trouble setting up the system.) Although a bit (not much) higher in price than the other dealers, we set a price and I gave him a deposit, using my credit card over the phone.

It then got very strange. He would not send me a receipt, a bill or an invoice. After receiving my deposit and asked for a receipt and he said, “you do it.” He wanted me to email him our agreement. Weird. He then said it would cost $1,500 more than we agreed on; that it would take 45 days to get; that I could only give him cash and so on. Before he made the sale he said my surround unit would have an upgrade to better handle 3D. After the sale he said that there would be no upgrade. I told him to cancel the sale and he refused. He tried to replace the unit we agreed one with a cheaper one, because I objected to the $1,500 price increase. There was more but that’s enough. To get my refund I had to go through the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

But I found that the local, “mid fi” guys are very helpful and very easy to work with. They gave me a price, put up the projector in about 2 weeks and helped me set up my system. They were eager to get and keep my business. There was no 45 day wait and they explained that they don’t have the high end video in stock, but it is easy to get. Oh yes, I had a small problem and the guy came back the very next day and helped me.

Service is essential and I just don’t seem to get good service with High End guys. First, their stores (at least around me) disappear quickly, they change their brands if they stay around, and there is a certain, well, arrogance. The local mid fi guys seem to care more for their customers.
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Default Re: Service, above all could save the high end audio industry

I really like this
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Default Re: Service, above all could save the high end audio industry

This sounds too much like a coincidence, but it happened last week.

I am friendly with my lawyer and he knows that I know a bit more about home electronics than he does. He called last week and needed me to explain something to him.

He has a client who contracted with a “high end” company to put in a home theatre for $45,000. The client paid the stereo people as he went along. Well, The Audio company did not finish the job and said they needed $10,000 more to finish, for a total of at least $55,000. So his client is now left a bit high and dry (I don’t know what is in) and is suing for completion!

My lawyer wanted to know what certain products were and how could someone charge nearly $10,000 for a remote control system! Boy, do they also charge for programming.(Must have been a Celestron type system).

When I was overcharged the dealer actually had the guts to say, “If you can afford this system, you can afford to pay this (extra fees).

I think it may be in their blood.
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