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Robinson_A 05-25-2007 01:41 PM wants to know
Greetings, as Managing Editor I'm constantly racking my brain in search of the latest and greatest products to review and share with you, the readers. While I can only offer my best guess as to what you, the reader, want to read about in the pages of this new forum offers a unique opportunity for both you and I.

I want to know what products interest you and why. What products are you looking to read about every month? Which products are you looking to buy?As one of the sole people responsible for what makes it in our publication and what doesn't I want to make sure that you, the readers, are having your needs met and questions answered. So please share with me your wish list and hopefully in the coming months you'll see those products reviewed.

Also, this forum is going to be a great way for everyone, including the staff, to discuss other products not featured in our monthly reviews.

I thank you all for your continued support of and look forward to the new opportunities this forum will undoubtedly produce. Until next time...

Andrew Robinson
Managing Editor

deacongreg 05-29-2007 04:07 PM

Re: wants to know
There is one product I would like to see featured on AVREV.COM. That would be high end headphones. I was intrigued by headphones from my youth, and realized then and was pleasantly surprised of the amount of detail you can receive from listening to a good pair of phones.
There are times in the evening where private listening is preferred. So reviews on the top models would be great!!.
And I believe it would help the I - pod earbud listening to step up in quality and enter (even in a small way) to the high end.

Charley 06-02-2007 11:17 AM

Re: wants to know
A forum section on HD camcorders such as Canon's HV20 would fit in nicely with the AV theme.

JerryDelColliano 06-02-2007 07:15 PM

HD camcorders
This is the second time in 2 days someone has brought up the idea of HD camcorders. I am not very well versed in them but I have made a note of your suggestion.

Thanks for your feedback...

TheMoose 06-02-2007 09:27 PM

Re: wants to know
What I'm searching the net & reading Magazines for right now is the next generation of Home theatre recievers, Multiple HDMI inputs (4 at a minimum 6 would be better) & the ability to recieve & decode all the new lossless audio on Blu-Ray discs.
All this for a price of around $2K.
(I know about the Sherwood reciever that's coming out, unfortunatly the nearest dealer is 150 miles away making any service a big pain.)

Speakers are another upgrade I'm looking for but I've about zeroed in on Paradigm studio V4's.
A best bang for the buck 5.1 speaker shoot out would be helpful.

The HD camcorder thing sounds interesting too.

Robinson_A 06-02-2007 11:10 PM

Re: wants to know

I think you're need for information on HDMI receivers is going to be addressed by in the coming months as we begin to showcase the best of the best in HDMI switching/upconverting receivers. I'll do my best to find products with multiple HDMI inputs but your request for 4-6 isn't entirely reasonable for $2K. From what I've seen 4 to 6 HDMI input receivers are running roughly $3K+.

We just did a review of the Paradigm Studio v.4's last month. Did you happen to catch it?

And to everyone. HD camcorders, esspecially HDV ones, are a hobby of mine and something I'd be more than happy talking about. Should we talk about it Jerry?


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