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Cello and Mark Levinson Designer/Engineer, Tom Colangelo, Dies in Car Accident
The lead designer behind many of the best audio products in the history of audiophile equipment, Tom Colangelo, died in mid-September in a single car accident. Colangelo was 58 years old.

Colangelo was best known for his design work at the Mark Levinson company, and later with Levinson’s Cello brand. His designs included the Stradivari line of loudspeakers for Cello, the Cello Audio Suite modular preamp and many of Cello’s power amplifiers. Colangelo was well known for designing, with guidance from Dick Burwen, the $25,000 Cello Audio Palette equalizer. This analog EQ was to audiophile components what a Patek Philippe watch is to timepieces, including the audio components use of 59 position attenuators, which were clearly inspired by fine timepieces. The Cello Audio Palette is still one of the most sought-after, vintage audiophile components, as it is used frequently in top-of-the-line music playback, recording and mastering systems worldwide.

“Tom was a one-off, Van Gogh-type genius who was so emotionally connected to his work that one could not really say where the man ended and the work began” Mark Levinson told “There will never be another Audio Palette. Never. And like a Jascha Heifitz or John Coltrane, he will be remembered but never replaced.”

JerryDelColliano 10-04-2007 08:44 AM

I knew Tom
I knew Tom from my days of working at Cello Music and Film in Los Angeles.

The products he designed were second to none. The stuff we all dreamed of owning.

He will be missed.

gpearl 10-04-2007 09:17 PM

Re: Cello and Mark Levinson Designer/Engineer, Tom Colangelo, Dies in Car Accident
I was Tom's dentist and friend for the last 16 years. He was a great guy. Every time Tom would come into the office for a cleaning, I'd get him talking about stereo equipment and his current projects. He was fascinating to listen to and of course most of what he said was way over my head. There is no doubt that Tom was a genius. I once asked Tom if he could build one of his amps or preamps from memory. Tom said that while he didn't have the parts memorized he could built one without referring to a manual. I asked him how this could be done if the parts weren't memorized. He said he would redesign the piece of equipment in his mind one step at a time and the parts would come to him as part of the design process. The world has indeed lost a very gifted and compassionate person.

PalmHarbor 10-05-2007 08:51 AM

Re: Cello and Mark Levinson Designer/Engineer, Tom Colangelo, Dies in Car Accident
I am going to make a guess that he was driving an exotic sports car like a 911, Lotus
as he was of upper income and he was the only one in the crash. This is not unusual
as many of these cars can get away from the driver easily as they are much too powerful
for the average driver.
During the boom an executive a Silicone Valley firm had ordered a new Ferrari
to be delivered when his company had their initial opening on the market. On that day he became a multi-millionaire. He picked up the Ferrari after work and withing hours wrapped it around a big tree and died.

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