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sandyb 12-01-2008 09:23 PM

please let me have your recommendations/comments
Greetings from godswindow

I am upgrading my hometheatre and I am confused? are a few issues I would be grateful if you could clarify?

Processor: I am evaluating Mark levinson 502vs Burmester 007+057 vsTheta casa 111 (with HDMI due??)…which will provide "best bang for buck" 502 very expensive??
projectors :infocus in83, vs epsontw2000vs sony vpl-vw 200 ..what other recommended?
cello duet 350 ..Currently power my dynaudio evidence temptations. I am told that these are "old technology" and should be replaced with Burmester?? ...what is consensus? should cellos be used in bridged mode....what is effect vs unbridged?
confidence centre and confidence rear: dreadnaught 5 channel was recommended…what do you recommend ?

i do not suppose one could find "the holy grail" of home theatre equipments configuration?
my apologies if i sound like a "doffie",but i do not understand much of the geek speak i read from time to time and most of my attempts to talk to "dealers"end up with a distinct feeling that they are more concerned with making a quick buck


Lefisc 01-11-2009 03:30 PM

Re: please let me have your recommendations/comments
First, like you, I do not speak “geek.” I do, however have the ML 502 and have had it for the last two months. I am very satisfied with it. It takes A LOT of patience to set up and I am still not sure I have done everything right! I had the ML 31.5 two channel/A converter and this comes very close to that, exceeding it in many areas. Once said up it is easy to use, but I wish they had made it a bit easier, as they did in the ML 40. You will spend hours setting it up..or your dealer will.

I would be very happy to share any information or experience that I have had. Ask any question you’d like!

sandyb 01-11-2009 08:42 PM

Re: please let me have your recommendations/comments
greetings and thanks for the reply
given the information at my disposal,i made a choice..the Halcro 220 ssp processor and the halcro mc 50 amplifier...set up was a breeze and within a few hours we got the system operational.i was delighted to note the immediate improvement in both audio and video vs my theta casablanca111
i now await new Aviola Radiance with anamorphic lense and stewart screen etc to have full 1080 HDM1
i would have been very interested to compare the halcro with the ML502
i am now still looking for assistance on the cello duet 350 amplifiers to drive the dynaudio evidence tempations?
perhaps you can let me have your e mail/details enable us to communicate directly
are you on skype

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