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Poll Of The Week: How Can Tweeter Be Saved?
Poll Of The Week:

How Can Tweeter Save The Company?

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TheMoose 07-19-2007 05:19 PM

Re: Poll Of The Week: How Can Tweeter Be Saved?
I put 100% custom but another option would possibly be to follow Magnolia.
Tweeter stores in Circuit City.

We don't have any Tweeters in Tulsa, OK but a national chain of high end A/V stores with the buying power of a big chain would seem to be a good thing for the store & the consumer.

J.J. 07-19-2007 08:23 PM

Re: Poll Of The Week: How Can Tweeter Be Saved?
Selling at full retail is a thing of the past. With internet deals these days paying full retail is not smart and most consumers won't do it, we like to shop around.

Tweeter needs to go more main stream, but with custom install such as The Moose suggested. Also, offer more add on sales such as DVD's, CD's, computers, and software.

I like high end audio/video, but think of the perfect store as one that I can look at, touch, and feel all of the new gadgets (electronics) when I go in to just pick up a CD.

Expand your plan!

ScottV 07-19-2007 09:18 PM

Re: Poll Of The Week: How Can Tweeter Be Saved?
I've bought both my Hidef TVs from Tweeter and found them to be highly competitive with BB and CC but the stores were empty when I was shopping. I think part of the problem is although they put out a high end image, they actually sell at midlevel. The highend image tends to scare the midlevel buyers away because they think everything is out of their price range and never go into the store. The highend people that go into the store are disappointed that Tweeter doesn't carry the brands they are looking for. If they want to continue with the model mix they currently have they have to get out there and advertise like their competition - an ad in the paper every week. It doen't have to be flashy but it has to remind people that they exist. A once every 4 month catalog doesn't cut it plus it only gets to people on their mailing list - not new customers. If they want to take the true high end approach, I think they will have a much harder time surviving because you have a much smaller customer base to start with and atleast in my area there are already two well established non-chain stores that probably have that market sewed up.


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