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Prince To Give Away New Album in UK Newspaper
The record industry is mad at Prince again. The formerly unnamed artist has agreed to a deal to release a new, seemingly promotional CD as part of a British newspaper, to create hype for his new album – Planet Earth. Published reports say the CD will have songs from the new album along with old hits like “Purple Rain”, and the music industry isn’t happy at all. Seemingly reaching 2.3 million potential record buyers isn’t a good idea to them if it throws their business model into the dumpster. And in case these executives weren’t paying attention for the past five or so years, Steve Jobs picked part of their business model out of the proverbial dumpster. He turned it into a 3 billion dollar per year gem for his computer company at a time when these same angry music executives were still trying to sell music for nearly $20 per record on a 25 year-old format. reports that other artists including Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel have used this paper to give away CDs in the past. Not only does this idea breathe life into the stagnant world of printed newspapers in a time where the Internet rules supreme, it shows the music business that they need to come up with more creative ways to sell music. Since the failed effort to sell high-resolution music on SACD, DVD-Audio and Dual Disc, the music business has witnessed a solid decline in sales fueled both by poor new music releases and the antiquity of the Compact Disc. Can you imagine if a record label took a stand and released even just their best back catalog albums on one of the copy protected HD disc formats (Blu-ray or HD DVD) so that people could hear what the master tape really sounds like, and not just some compressed yet convenient shadow of an audio format like MP3? Perhaps people might chose to re-buy some of their music in a marketplace where HD resolution video games and movies vie for the same $20 to $50 disc investment.

Prince may not have won any friends in the music business with his latest move, but that is a bridge he torched a long time ago. As a formerly top-selling recording artist and as top-drawing performer even to this day, Prince makes the money he needs to live a very comfortable life resulting in the freedom to make and sell his music any way he wants. Bundling it in a newspaper is without question a creative concept. Making it an international controversy might be even smarter as the PR that comes from the newspaper drama alone will get the attention of many more potential new CD and download buying customers. Time will tell if the new Planet Earth album is a hit for Prince, but for now he has injected a much-needed new marketing idea into the dying world of music retail.


kennyt 07-13-2007 02:54 PM

Re: Prince To Give Away New Album in UK Newspaper
Which paper?? Maybe I can get a copy with the disc...

Prince has always done a great job producing albums and is a great performer. Good for him!

Kick some A$$ Prince!

David DelGrosso 07-13-2007 05:42 PM

Re: Prince To Give Away New Album in UK Newspaper
Here are some of the fascinating responses to this controversial announcement:

"It is an insult to all those record stores who have supported Prince throughout his career," said Paul Quirk, co-chairman of the Entertainment Retailers Association.

---So he has deeply offended “all” record stores? Maybe not:

“After initially harshly criticizing Prince and the deal, music and books retailer HMV, which doesn't normally sell newspapers, decided to sell the Mail on Sunday in its 400-plus stores across the country.”

---But how do other retailers feel about HMV selling this newspaper/CD?

"We're stunned that HMV has decided to take what appears to be a complete U-turn on their stance," said Simon Douglas, managing director of retail at Virgin Megastores.

---Meanwhile, Prince apparently has a master plan that extends beyond retail stores:

“Prince also plans to give away a copy of "Planet Earth" with each ticket sold for his 21-date London concert later this summer.”

---WOW… nothing like genuine “out of the box” thinking, to get the old heart racing faster!


David DelGrosso 07-13-2007 05:48 PM

Re: Prince To Give Away New Album in UK Newspaper

Originally Posted by kennyt (Post 1223)
Which paper?? Maybe I can get a copy with the disc...

Check it out: The Mail on Sunday | The World's greatest newspaper giveaway...Ever!

Apparently this outrageous promotion includes a BRILLIANT online support site!


kennyt 07-14-2007 04:29 AM

Re: Prince To Give Away New Album in UK Newspaper
Thanks David,

I am pretty sure I can't get this locally, so I am contacting some family of friends in London, hopefully I'll have a copy soon. I guess the other option is to go back to London and see him there, which would be fun as I always love London but at the current exchange rate it is so f'ing pricey.....

kennyt 07-15-2007 08:50 AM

Re: Prince To Give Away New Album in UK Newspaper
My copy is on it's way from London!

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