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Old 02-24-2008   #19
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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

Another thing I noticed, and it is a bit annoying. Not all AppleTV movies are created equal. Some are available for rental only where other new releases can only be purchased. For instance, I can rent Michael Clayton (in both HD or SD) but can only buy Gone Baby Gone for $13.99 in SD. Both films are new releases (I believe they released on the same day) yet I can have one one way and the other another. It's a bit frustrating at the moment with certain titles. More new releases are straight rental then purchase so that's fine but there are a few titles I'd prefer to rent in HD and aren't given the opportunity. Just wanted to throw that out there.
Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor
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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

Until Apple decides to put a 1TB drive in this thing I am not touching it, especially since you cannot plug in an external drive.

May be take 3 will be good, love the interface.
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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

My installation is configured to use this capability, which is called Wireless Distributed Services (WDS).

I can connect to either of two airport extreme base stations (one at each end of the house, or to the 2-Wire DSL router that is also 802.11g located in my office. I can do this wirelessly or use the LAN port on the them to connect equipment that is not currently wireless.

Originally Posted by HT Junky View Post

I think you mentioned that you have an Apple computer. A lot of folks don't know this, but the Apple base stations can be "chained" together to perform one big nework. It is part of the way that they, and the Apple network, are designed to work.

I have a 2 story house with a basement, and was having a hard time getting total coverage. I purchased a base station for each floor. My internet connection is on the top floor. When you set up the each base station in the Apple network with the Apple administration software, you tell it whether it is the first base station, a pass-through base station or the last base station. It is intended for schools and small office buildings, but I figured I would overkill it, as I was getting frustrated.

In the end, I have a base station for EACH floor, so each floor is like it's own sub-network. I can walk floor-to-floor in my house with my laptop and never lose coverage. I have never had any issues since. I also have Airport Expresses in the network. Each base station also has an ethernet jack, so I have the base station in my basement, right behind my equipment. I plan on hardwiring the AppleTV to it, when I get one.

Cool stuff.
- Kloneman --
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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

I plan on using this if/when I redo the home network and add Apple TV's to some rooms............. but alas I am off working remotely and won't redo this until I return....
Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions


I have been looking at the Apple TV. I am wondering if it can do the following though:

Stream Internet radio from places like ShoutCast
Play my DVD rips that are in .vob format
stream off a NAS - something like a QNAP with the iTunes service.

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Thumbs up Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

Well Andrew, despite some minor quibbles that you mentioned, it seems Apple is trying to take this thing to the next level.
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