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Ultralink’s Don Bouchard Passes at 58
Legend says that there is no Keyser Sose, but the audio-video industry knew a Keyser Sose, or at least someone who would call himself as much at the Consumer Electronic Show. His name was Don Bouchard, Ultralink’s vice president of marketing and sales, as well as a true maverick in the AV business. Don Bouchard died on February 7, 2008 from complications resulting from a serious motorcycle accident in Texas. He was 58.

Don Bouchard is widely known as one of the most powerful and prolific executives in the audio-video industry, having worked with AV companies ranging from Denon to Dalhquist to Cello to Ultralink from 1972 to 2007. Don was a true adventure seeker. His level of interests ranged from fine wine to scuba diving in exotic locales and far beyond. If a volcano was about to erupt in Hawaii, Don was looking for the first flight to the island and somebody who could charter a helicopter so he could take one of his signature photographs.

“Don Bouchard was a source of insight in the industry and a true friend. It seems like only days since seeing him at the Hotel Del Coronado for the CEA Audio Board meetings this September and while everyone who knew him is truly suffering from his loss, he did go out doing what he loved most – and there is something to be said for that.” said Jerry Del Colliano, publisher-CEO of and former co-worker with Bouchard at Cello in the mid-1990s.

Mark Levinson, the founder of ultra-high-end audio brands Mark Levinson, Cello and Red Rose Music said, “I am deeply saddened by the loss of Don Bouchard. It’s just hard to accept. In the spirit of looking for good from a bad situation, I hope people will see the dangers of riding a motorcycle, while remembering all of the good that came from knowing Don.”

Don Bouchard is survived by his two children Don III and Rebecca, his mother Doris and his brothers Jeff and Mike, along with his sisters-in-law Pam, Kathy and Lisa. He also leaves behind several nephews, Jordan, Colin, Kyle, Travis, Mike Jr. and Jacob, and his niece Kayla.

by: Jerry Del Colliano

TheMoose 02-19-2008 12:14 PM

Re: Ultralink’s Don Bouchard Passes at 58
Sounds like he lived hard but died too young.

magred07 02-22-2008 08:00 PM

Re: Ultralink’s Don Bouchard Passes at 58
I'm Red (Devorah Gussett, Don's other half) I just wanted to say that you nailed him with every word you wrote.. The first paragraph made me laugh out loud which is something I haven't done since December 15, 2007.

I realized about a year and half ago that I was in LOVE with a very famous man (of course he told me all the time how famous he was). I lived in awe of him. The way he lived, the way he loved, the way he did everything. He taught me and showed me so much in the short time I had him. I was very lucky to be included in all aspects of his life and to meet many of the people he would talk about so often. I was very priviledged that he chose me to share his time and his life with.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayer durning this time. Every word has helped me get through the days.

Don's other half

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