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Cables It's all about connections. Discuss everything about audio cables ranging from balanced to unbalanced, speaker cables to interconnects and beyond.

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Red face Re: What cables do you use?

I use a mixed bag of cables and I like all of them.
I use DIY super heavy duty 12 ga. wrapped in techflex with GLS Audio spades and bananas for my side surrounds and back surrounds. I use ZU Audio Julians for my front speakers, I use some DIY RCA interconnects that I assembled recently for analog connections for my 1980 Teac reel-to reel and CD player, but I also have ZU Cable, Audioquest, a few Monster, and XLO RCA interconnects, that I use. I have both Monster and Tributaties Subwoofer cables along with Audioquest "Y" cables. I have several of the ZU Audio "Ash" Digital coaxial cables and Lenexpo ,"Atlona" Brand Toslink cables to enable Dolby and DTS. I have Tributaries and ZU Audio S-Video cables and ZU AUDIO & PS AUDIO power cords. Lastly, I have Blue Jeans, and Monoprice HDMI cables. I just recently bought some PS Audio PowerPunch C7 cables for my DVD players, which made huge diferences in the way of picture quality, and sound.

I have spent a lot of cash on cables for my HT system. I think the biggest audible difference that I heard was from the addition of the ZU Audio Power cords and the DIY RCA Interconnects I made for my 2 channel equipment. Those cables made a world of difference to my system, so it paid off using high quality parts, such as the Beldon wire and Neutrix, GLS, and Switchcraft RCA plugs as well as silver solder. I also love the Speaker cables that I made, and I know that they made a huge difference over the Monster Speaker cables that I was using. The music just sounds so much cleaner. They are made from Steren Python2 speaker cable which is an outstanding cable that would do very well against a lot of much more expensive cables. It is a beautifully made cable at a decent, but not cheap price. In my opinion, they sound better than the ZU Audio Julian speaker cables that I have on my front speakers, that cost near $300.00 for a ten foot pair.
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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Monster is the Bose of cables.
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Default Re: What cables do you use?

I have quite a mixed bag of vendor's in my current setup.
All seem to have one thing in common that appeals to me the most. They all IMHO appear very balanced. Little filtering or attenuation, so a good demo/test/comparison with equip seems pretty much on, again all IMHO

All were bought either used or on auction.

Here are a few
Stealth UR's for mains/ctr
Stealth PGS to Solo HDamp
Rev I2s DDSpro-->P1a -->P3a (Argent)-->Rotel
Equinox on the HD600's

There are others but these are easily the best of the lot and again IMHO with the right tracks and careful listening live up to the paragraph.

I should add that these have been in place for a few years now and I have felt no need to look for the next best thing. As about a 1/2 doz or so test could no longer displace those listed above...and that includes some Kimbers or other hi-end ilks from that time frame.
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Default Re: What cables do you use?

I have a 5.1 system. for the front speakers (Interconnect cables) and for the center channel (speaker cable), I use "LAT International" cables. for the rear I use in-wall speaker cables (Furez from and for HDMI I use Audioquest "HDMI 3". Very satisfied.
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Default Re: What cables do you use?

I like Kimber very much.

speakers (12TC) and interconnects (Hero)......

The Analysis plus & Crystal Cables are very good too.

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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by jagger View Post
I like Kimber very much. speakers (12TC) and interconnects (Hero)...... The Analysis plus & Crystal Cables are very good too. Jagger
I us Kimber as well 8TC did you compare both 8TC and 12TC and what did you think. For a cheapper and better alternative take a look at this

SC-16 Braid: The SC-16 Braid speaker braid is our premier ALL SILVER speaker cabling product and is comprised of 16 strands of Teflon insulated 22 awg solid 99.99% pure silver. Its complex geometry has been designed such that each of the 16 strands contribute to a balanced, round woven braid with signal and return strands traveling in opposite rotational directions throughout the braid. The end result is an amazingly open, articulate, and full range cable free of external shielding requirements that impede the performance of typical speaker cable designs.

5Ft pair speaker cable:

- SC-16 Braid ALL SILVER: $285.00

- Kimber 12TC: 5Ft pair $404
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