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Cables It's all about connections. Discuss everything about audio cables ranging from balanced to unbalanced, speaker cables to interconnects and beyond.

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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

When started building up my theater system I thought it was all about the source components. But I found that cables (audio, video, and power) made a significant impact in the performance of the gear and the quality of the signals.

Having moved from Radio Shack brand cables to XLO/Ultralink and Transparent Cables, I can tell you with absolute certainity that cables play a large part. Like others have said, if you can try before you buy that is a great way to test different cables.

While wholesale and aftermarket cables have their place, I recommend not going that route, but rather investing the 10% of the cost of your whole system in cables. You won't be disappointed. Sources will function better and your audio/video quality will get a vibrant boost.
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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

I would have to agree that the cable quality is what separates a good home system to a great one. You can think of them as the veins that carry the blood to the organs. The better the veins the more use you are going to get out of the organs.
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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

I have found that for us budget minded people that a dedicated 20 amp line (or two) makes a huge improvement. Also, power conditioning. Room treatments even simple one's like carpets/rugs or drapes make huge differences.

Cables on the other hand don't seem to make a huge improvement in my book. Obviously, any step up from cheap Radio Shack cables is an improvement in build quality and sound. But, beyond a certain point I don't hear enough difference to justify the cost. The only time would be a special application such as a long run or a compatibility issue. Granted I don't own $20k pairs of speakers etc.
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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

I think where expensive cables really comes in to play is if you are trying to run an HDMI cable 45 to 100 feet through a wall/ceiling to a projector. A copper cable isnt going to work at that length so you need a fiberoptic solution and that can be pretty pricey but at least you get some tangible benefits.
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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

This whole cable/wire/interconect thing is absollute PABLUM! I remember an article in Sterophlie..yes Sterophile a while back where one of the manufactures at CES had some very excellent speakers hooked up to some super uber-exotic Amps etc., (Krell, Paragon..not sure?) and the whole Sterophile, Absolute Sound crowd, i.e., the "Golden Ears" were astounded and/or blown away! Then the ultimate finale: He removed a curtain and what these so-called Audiophile Golden Ears had been listening to in awe was an I-Pod hooked up to a aprox. $300 Walmart type reciever! LOL!!! The response in the Stereophile magazine article: "Yes..but..err..ahh...(and get this: for the "don't confuse me with the minds allreay made up" crowd) we _still_ heard a difference! ROFL!!!
There will be more of a differnce in the sound of your system by moving the speaker a mere inch here and there, or your distance from said speakers, or even tilting or moving your head a few degrees in any direction..then for any $1000/Meter Interconects, etc., etc,!
I've lived in several large major U.S city's, joined their Audio Clubs, etc., and did the same thing that happened to Sterophile at the CES show! Same thing: "Oh.. those cables/interconnects/that amplifier/that pre-amp....sounds SO much better/different that A or B or C etc.,! Same result as the CES experiment (sound levels matched to within 1/10th. of a DB!!!
Then I offered _anyone_ $100 if they..under the conditons of _thier_ choice..could hear a diff. that was statisctically significant..they'd get the money! They tried and tried and came up with the most outrageous excuses one could possibly imagine as too _why_ suddenly in thier expensive and long worshipped Golden Ear lifetimes they hadn't heard even the slightest diff.! Haven't had to write a check yet!!! Oh did I mention..I'm and Eye Ear Nose and Throat Doctor/Specialist! I know a thing or two re: the Human Auditory system and the acoustic and/or physics involved!! LOL!! Bring it on Golden Ears!!! I expect to be barraged by multitudes of misinformed preconcieved nonesense from the die hards..trying to justify the $$$$ they've spent for years to support a Mythology!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes...A MYTHOLOGY! And the manufactuers know it! Go through issues of your fav. high-end mags. and look at the Adverts.!?!?!? Look at the names of most of the Uber-High-Gear! UNBLIEVABLE! Right out of Norse, Greek and other Mythologies!! Regards!
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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system


Welcome to the forum, FWIW I am an anesthesiologist by day....

I have seen and heard demos like you spoke of, in fact Wavac was using an MP3 disc to demo their gear @ HES 2005 in NYC and it sounded great!

As for the cables, Josh Clark of Transparent cable does a demo where he takes identical systems of several levels and swaps out cables and the difference IS audible, even to the untrained ear. I used to think cables were total BS, but as my system evolved to higher and higher levels I began to experiment and can say they do make a difference. In fact, ALL cables make a difference, power cords, IC's, speaker wire....

Are the differences comparable to component upgrades? That will depend on the level of your system and the level of cables you are using.

FWIW I DO feel cables matter and have A-B'd different cables in my system and found differences, so I use good cable. I know others who think I am a raving lunatic for beleiving this, and in some ways and at some times, they might be right!

Stereophile has also done some blind tests of cables and the results were almost completely random, some of there reviewers picked the cheapest cables, some the 'best', by now we all have heard the long running phenomenon of HD-14.
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