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reidmc 01-18-2010 12:10 AM

Too many interconnects
OK. . .my new HT system will feature cablemania. I will be doing my HT video sound via 6 (5.1) analogue interconnects along with a separate pair of interconnects for a dedicated 2-channel audio routing. All going to an NAD T-755 A/V receiver.

No wanting to spend as much for cables as I did for the reciever, I've narrowed my options to those below. I'd like comment from folks that have used the specific items I cite, particularly if you've auditioned or used several cables in this range.

Option A - Use the mixed bag of interconnects I already have: 4 Tara Labs RSC CD, 2 Tara Labs Prism 22 and 2 Audioquest Turquoise. These are all older, "entry-level" audiophile interconnects. I would likely use 2 of the RSC cables for the dedicated 2-channel connections and spread the rest over the 5.1 connections. They are all the same length but of different construction and design. If they were all the same cable I would use them no problem, as the price is right.

Option B - Go to the contemporary equivalent of these cables. . .from Tara, Audioquest or DH Labs. These would appear to be $25-40 each or $200-300 total.

Option C - Buy LC-1 cables at Blue Jeans Cables. I like the transparency of their design and component description, and the color-coded 5.1 set is a good idea. Similar in price to Option B.

Finally, what do folks think about these "subwoofer interconnects?"


rbinck 01-18-2010 08:39 AM

Re: Too many interconnects
Personally I would use the cables you have assuming they are in good shape. If you are worried about the slight difference that may occur between types, try to match up the left front and right front cables. Use what you consider to be the better cables for the left front, right front and center channels as they will carry the majority of the soundstage. The surround channels are far less demanding and it sounds like the cables you have would be fine.

Subwoofer interconnects are usually longer and thus some people feel like they need to be larger than component interconnects as well as it is a single cable rather than pairs. They would also have the color code for the LFE channel. Other than that there is no technical difference from other interconnects. Many installations will use RG6 coax cable as well.

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