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mb571 12-16-2012 11:35 AM

Back Up Home Movies
Hi folks, I'm a newb to the forums, and thought I'd lean on some of you experts for some guidance.
I have just ordered an OEM LG bluray burner for Christmas and am starting to research software.

I am normally pretty good about backing up the thousands of photos I take, but am overdue backing up a couple years of video files. I have a Canon HD video camera that creates .mts files.
I primarily bought the bluray burner to get these into safe keeping before the next computer failure.

The format (.mts) plays directly on my Western Digital HD Live media player but don't think they play on my Samsung TV from a portable hard drive.

Backing up the raw video footage is the first priority, but may try my hand at authoring discs that will play in a standard bluray player.

What software, pay or free, would you experienced folk recommend?

Is there a suite of products that does everything?


rbinck 12-16-2012 01:54 PM

Re: Back Up Home Movies
I've pretty much have given up on Blu-ray burning except for the raw file backup. I have been recording our home movies (super 8) and I used to back them up. It is possible to create a private account and upload your videos in HD.

You might give a try for authoring.

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