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TheMoose 08-16-2007 09:06 PM

Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray
Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray


Sony Launches $100M HDNA Ad Campaign
Posted August 16, 2007 by Josh

Blu-ray Disc Sony Electronics is set to launch a $100M ad campaign in order to promote what they are calling HDNA - a combination of high definition (HD) and DNA. The campaign will focus on educating the public about Sony high definition products, including Sony Blu-ray players, and how they all integrate to provide the ultimate high definition experience.

The TV, radio, print, and Internet ads will feature NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhart, Jr. explaining the benefits of high definition, and how consumers can integrate HD into their lives via Sony products. TV ads will run in primetime, as well as on dedicated HD channels like National Geographic HD and Universal HD.

Chief Marketing Officer Mike Fasulo commented, "HDNA is the core, the essence of all Sony HD products. If a consumer is considering the purchase of an HD product, we believe that given our lineage and expertise in the category, Sony should be the only consideration. With this comprehensive campaign we will also demystify all of the fears associated with purchasing a high-definition product."

The campaign is expected to last through the all-important holiday shopping season, well into 2008. Sony makes this announcement just as the Disney Magical Blu-ray Tour kicks off in malls across the country, where they hope to educate the public about Blu-ray.

If Dale Earnhart, Jr. can't get through to Joe 6 Pack no one can!! :)

JerryDelColliano 08-16-2007 09:13 PM

Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray
Can Dale Earnhart Jr. make HDCP copy protection work? If so, they might have something going here.

Considering Sony is a good client of ours - this is good news. HD DVD's war chest is 150 million.

kennyt 08-17-2007 02:51 AM

Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray

I'm at a loss how this applies to HDTV... I guess it's the doctor in me speaking. I hope it helps resolve this war, much as I hope for a resolution to the Iraq 'war'....


Sony could have a point with the 'all Sony' plan. I have found that proprietary systems seem to function more easily. My Sony Blu-ray and Sony TV work together perfectly. Now my Samsung player can have issues that necessitate me going into the setup menu's, while the same player works flawlessly in my bedroom.

I am still optimistic that HDCP WILL soon become functional, I don't know how, or why I am willing to hold onto such and ideal, but it has to in order to make these or any high def format work and be accepted by the masses.

We have had numerous conversations complaining about the dreaded HDCP handshake... Imagine what is going to happen when Joe six pack or Jane box wine buys an HD player and runs into the issues we've worked through?? The player is going to go back to the local store as nonfunctioning and when the second one does the same thing, they will leave the format entirely.

This is a huge issue that hasn't been addressed yet.... Those trying to enter the format war and due to frustration leaving, and likely not to return anytime soon.


JerryDelColliano 08-17-2007 07:10 AM

Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray
The fact is - as much as HDCP has frustrated me because of its "handshake" issues - I can't really live without HD.

I just wish they would make the solution work with one cable, every time. With that and prices comparable to DVD players - mainstream consumers (like the kind that buy plasmas at Costco) would buy into one or both of these formats. I truly belive that.

TheMoose 08-17-2007 10:32 AM

Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray
I agree with what you guys are saying, I haven't had any issues yet but I have the "all Sony Plan" working here, all my gear except the DirecTV HDDVR is top line Sony gear & everything is playing well together, we'll see how that holds up the first of next month when I add a new HDMI AV receiver to the mix (but that too is looking to keep the Sony DNA in the bloodline with the 5300ES)

While I'm far from an electronics expert I'm still the guy my friends & family call when they are wanting to buy something new or have bought something new & need help setting it up, & I can tell you that handshake problems will freak out Joe 6 Pack!
I still go to peoples houses who have bought a new HDTV & don't have a HD signal going in to them, they just hook up their old cable box & see the "in High Definition where available" when the prime time show starts & assume they have HD!
Most people aren't going to know any more about a HDCP handshake than I know what makes a worman tick (but that's another story!) when they get a blue screen they will think it's broken.
The one cable hook up is very appealing to me but unless they want to send the "Geek Squad" out to everyone who buys a piece of HDMI equipment there are going to be a lot of ticked off people & a lot of open box specials!

Once most people see a good HD picture they'll never go back, but they must be able to set it up with out having to study the owners manual for hours or call customer service to ask why all they get is a blue screen.

This may be hard for a lot of people to believe but Dale Earnhart Jr will introduce to & influence a lot of people to look at both HDTV & Blu-Ray.
NASCAR fans are rabid & extremely loyal & Jr's fans are in the millions & more rabid than most, they drink his beer, they wear his jeans, they drive his car & they will buy his TV & Blu-Ray.

TheMoose 08-20-2007 12:21 PM

Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano (Post 1998)
HD DVD's war chest is 150 million.

Well they seem to have spent their war chest on Paramount!

"Paramount Drops Blu-ray Support; Does Not Include Spielberg Movies

Posted August 20, 2007 by Josh

Paramount Despite selling more movies on the Blu-ray format, Paramount has announced today that they will begin supporting HD DVD exclusively. This move, rumored to be driven by a $150M exclusivity deal with the HD DVD group, comes after Paramount began favoring Blu-ray releases with higher quality video encodings and more HD features. The deal covers all of Paramount's properties excluding those directed by Steven Spielberg.

The move will inevitably lengthen a format war which should never have been. Consumers will unfortunately suffer the most, as they will be forced to support a format which is being supported by corporations instead of consumers. No word was given as to how long the exclusivity agreement is for, but rumors indicate through 2008.

High definition enthusiasts can now only hope that a DVD-A/SACD situation hasn't been initiated by this decision.

This is not good news, all this will do is prolong the format war.
I can almost hear Bill Gates cheering, he wants optical discs to go away completely so he can sell us downloads!:(

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