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TheMoose 06-04-2007 09:11 PM

Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?
Do you buy at a B&M store, Online or do you just rent?

As for me I have about 40 Blu-Ray movies but only bought 3 movies at Best Buy, because I had reward points to spend & I had just got my Playstation 3 & wanted to watch a Blu-Ray movie right away.
All the rest I got online at
Amazon was much cheaper by $5-$10 on each movie, also Amazon has so far always had the movie I wanted in stock, add in free shipping & no tax & that's a big savings over the B&M stores.

I understand it's a supply & demand thing but if the B&M stores want to supply me with Blu-Ray movies then I demand they bring down the prices & keep a reasonable stock.
A couple of dollar difference isn't a big deal & I'd buy localy in that case, but at what I save by shopping online I don't see my shopping habits changing anytime soon.

kennyt 06-05-2007 03:45 AM

Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?

Sounds like you are very happy with Blu-ray, and with that TV I know why! I personally use an Amazon CC for most of my day to day spending so they usually send me a $25 gift card a month so I seem to buy most of my movies from them, you're right about BB, they are pretty pricey (I've seen new Blu-ray and HD DVD titles for $34.99) I haven't bought a standar def DVD in a while, and rent both HD DVD's and Blu-ray from Netflix though must admit I've had some playback issues with some of the higher mileage discs they send out.

Now when 'Fight Club' comes out on either format, or both I'll own them!

James_1995 06-06-2007 02:45 AM

Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?
I bought all of my Blu-Ray movie online. Most of them at and some at Amazon. The prices are really cheap. Best Buy just recently opened up in my home town and I was really excited until I seen the prices of the movies. They were going for 30 to 35 dollars. I will continue to stick to buying movies online. No questions asked!!!

Jast3r Rogu3 06-06-2007 10:04 PM

Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?
I buy most of my Blu-ray flicks from Best Buy too, i dont like to shop online and then wait for it to arrive no matter if the price is cheaper i just like to feel and see for my self what im buying and when i buy it go home and at that moment watch my movie.
i never bought anything online so all that amazon,ebay cheaper prices everybody talks about on the net im a complete virgin on that ha.

style 06-07-2007 02:48 AM

Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?
I life in Switzerland and is not easy to find a good movie in supermarket
or in specialistic store too!!
In europa much movie are avaible much later like USA.

I buy in the store the best movie or in internet-store always what I want and
what I find.

I don't buy unloaded movie.

(this is for bluray & HD)

Omar from Switzerland

MilleRSV 06-07-2007 10:33 AM

Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?
I buy most of mine from Amazon, somtimes from Best Buy. I don't have a large
collection as of yet, mostly rent from Netflix.

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