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rolexdaytona 09-25-2011 05:12 PM

Are high end blu-ray players worth it?
I just purchased a CA 751bd to use as my blu-ray/universal player. I will use it in my ht system using a d2v as a pre/pro. My question is if my pre/pro has far superior DACs and video upscaling do I really need a high end blu-ray player? Can't I just buy a cheapo player be it a cd player or BR(blu-ray) player and use my d2v to do everything. I'm going to bypass all the DACs and video upscaling in my 751bd anyway. I know a better(high end) player offers faster load time and etc but is it worth the extra money? The 3d stuff doesn't really get me excited. It will be awhile before the studios get it perfect so that isn't an issue. I'm going to try out the 751 on my 3d vizio LCD tv to try out all the oem DACs and video upscaling. I'm currently using my PS3 to watch BR content, standard DVDs and of course to play games.

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