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Lefisc 05-24-2011 04:38 PM

0ppo 95
I was having a lot of trouble with my Pioneer Blu Ray 9. An expensive unit, it would often freeze and NOT connect with the projector. Some discs, like the new King Kong had no sound. It was always very quirky, often creating a hum in the system. So I put it into our family room.
(It took the Mark Levenson, Thiel and Transparent Wire people TOGETHER to figure that one out. All were terrific.)

I bought an Oppo 95 Universal Player. I was surprised, instantly, by the better picture. More than that, I was surprised by the better sound. I am using LPCM and the difference between the two units was very noticeable. Also the Oppo loads in no time, you could put your kids through college waiting for the Pioneer to load. The Oppo also had a clear logical setup to follow.

Things are still rather new. I used the 3D for the first time yesterday and like it. The Oppo has two HDMI outputs and, for 3D I bypass the Levinson for video and connect directly to the projector.

I got the JVC 60 (which is also sold as the 9X) and was surprised at the picture improvement AND connectivity with my other components. First, the picture is brighter, sharper and far more colorful. It is also much quieter than the last JVC projector.

However, after installation new, updated, software had to be put in because there was some conflicts with the HDMI connections, the system, would freeze. (I’d have to reboot)

Lefisc 05-28-2011 07:05 PM

Re: 0ppo 95/Multi region
I was confused by this model and sent an email to OPPO:

Last week I bought the Oppo 95 Blu Ray Player. I bought it after going to your site and seeing the ads.
There is only one model listed, yet I see my instructions say that this is a "zone 1" model, other ads show it as a zone free model. Did I get the wrong one? Is there a zone free model of this?

Can you let me know. Thanks!

Their response:
All players which are shipped from official resellers are DVD Region 1 and Blu-ray A locked. It is possible to hardware modify the player to support alternative regions, but we do not support such changes to the hardware.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.
2629B Terminal Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043

I sent another email to make sure:
Does this mean that the unit from Amazon and other places are NOT factory OPPO units but are fixed up outside of the company? And now I see they mention that $100 update may be available.

Please see: (The Amazon listing, I included the link)

These players are modified by third parties and are not authorized by OPPO.

Lefisc 07-11-2011 07:02 PM

Re: 0ppo 95
Now that I have had the Oppo 95 for some time, I wanted to give a mini review of it and compare it to the Pioneer Elite 09 and the Sony 550.

I do NOT have all that electronic equipment that measures everything, so this is a very subjective report. And I hope it is helpful.

First, the Pioneer unit, at the time gave the best picture and best movie sound I had seen on a screen and heard on a home theatre system when using a blu ray. I use The LPCM settings. The Sony‘s picture was good and rivaled the Pioneer. The sound, for me, on most Sony’s are a bit tinny.

It did not give stellar audio results when using a regular DVD. In fact, I was disappointed in the sound of the average DVD.

The player itself was clunky to use, it took a long time to start up and the “connectivity” was poor. I often had to power it on and off to make a connection.

The Oppo 95 was simple to use, simple to set up, including the LPCM settings. The blu-ray picture actually surprised me, it being so much better than the Pioneer and the Sony. The colors were better, the contrast was better and the details were amazing. I didn’t expect that.

Blu Ray: The sound was so much more detailed that the Pioneer or Sony. And the bass is much, much smoother and deeper. In fact, I slightly lowered the volume on the sub-woofer.

The picture on a regular DVD is more saturated and many look terrific, although, I have yet to decide if it that much better. However, the sound is way superior to the Pioneer or Sony and rivals the top notch Krell DVD player of a few years ago.

I have not played with the CD or SACD parts yet. But I give a five star review to the Oppo.

InveDamon 04-14-2013 09:26 PM

Re: 0ppo 95
I do NOT have all that electronic equipment that measures everything, so this is a very subjective report. And I hope it is helpful.

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