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fernseher123 05-04-2011 02:46 AM

3D fernseher
Transform your television watching with a Samsung PN50C490 and get more of the visuals you are looking for with this fantastic 3D TV. 3D for many years was restricted to movie screen and IMAX theatres, but now you can get the same effect on a new Samsung PN50C490 Plasma TV set.

The Samsung PN50C490 50" 720p Plasma 3D HDTV gives a great picture for all of your shows. The 3D version just makes watching television a little more spectacular. Gets the full effect of the sea creature coming out of the water like never before. Jump at the sound of an action packed scene that seems as if it is right there in you living room with the Samsung 3D TV way of watching television.

The Samsung PN50C490 is compatible with stylish 3D glasses like the Samsung SSG-2100AB 3D glasses. Experience Samsung PN50C490 right in your very home and enjoy your favorite movie with the 3D effect.

While this screen is not true HD (1080p), the 720p resolution is more then enough to satisfy the casual movie watcher and is fantastic for current generation video game consoles. This Samsung 3D TV is currently priced at an astonishingly low $1000 at most retailers, which makes it a greal deal if you want to try out the 3D TV technology. This TV set also has 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, support for picture in picture and a USB port.

Samsung is one of the best known brands on the market developing television technology that continues to create a stir in home entertainment. Step into a creative way of watching television. Watch great color with a picture so unique it is hard to believe this kind of quality is that affordable. There is no reason to go to the theater just to get a quality movie picture. Now you can sit at home and enjoy a picture quality that was once only available in movie venues.

On this television, your video games are better than ever. With the 600 Hz subfield motion, which provides a very fast refresh rate, the color, the clarity and the fun will be like never before.

The Samsung LED 8000 delivers the pure thrill of 3D amusement, connectivity that enhances your life, and visually beautiful picture quality. Action leaps off the screen with advanced 3D technology, for a truly immersive viewing experience. SAMSUNG SMART TV lets you get united to the best of the web, right on your HDTV, with downloadable and customizable widgets - and coming soon, Samsung apps. Connect with friends, allocate pictures, shop online and more. Innovative LED backlight processing delivers HD on a new level of enjoyment, with the greatest range of vital contrast and rich, bright color. Breathtaking ultra-slim design adds sleek versatileness, while an elegant Touch of Color bezel accent brings both new colors and textures to your d?cor. It takes entertainment further than ever before.

Some former reviews on similar 3D TV's were discontented about stray lights coming from the corner of the television set. This was said about the Samsung C7000 model from online reviews. We examined while watching the HD feed on Time Warner Cable, Blu-ray's from the PS3, Blu-Ray's from the Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player, watching at night, during the day, corner lights from the 3D TV doesn't seem to be an problem!
This TV looks just fascinating. It has a very dark black screen. It looks as alluring turned off as it does on. Brilliant ultra slim depth - includes a tuner. I was nervous about the brush metal look, exclusive touch of color design combines texture and color that can aggregate any room.

The picture clarity looks incredible, cutting-edge technology lets you enjoy clear image details, natural skin tones, superior shadow detail, and vibrant colors. It's as if I'm discovering HD for the first time! This 55 inches 3DTV has vivid colors and stunning clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution. As with all new LED sets with 240 Hz, there is a bit of the Spanish Soap Opera/Home Video look to it. Some people really desire this, some people don't. I really like it. For those of you that don't, you can always turn this detail down or off. To me this makes the picture look very clear and it makes it stand out from the other sets.

Turning the 3D feature on and combining the glasses was easy. The intro to Monsters v. Aliens was very divine. The opening scene in outer space looked incredible. The ball tied to a paddle part was comical and kind of made me jump a little. I haven't spent too much time with 3D but I did notice that there were some scenes in the movie that had a double image while wearing the glasses. It doesn't occur a lot, but it is inconspicuous. You can see this right away during the church scene at the commencement of the movie. It was a little annoying. I'm hoping that this is the kind of stuff that gets ironed out with a firmware update, or as more content is released, they learn to adjust it.

We've tried a few apps but our favorite by far is the Pandora application. Being a big fan of Pandora , this app was actually exceptional on the 3D TV than online or on the iPhone. The only thing we disliked was that Samsung did not have Wifi built in. I think pricing this set at the $3000+ mark should be enough to include it with the set and not require us to drop another $80 for the USB adapter. We just hardwired it, but that's another wire you wouldn't have to deal with.

We wanted to bring up that this set allows you to connect an USB external hard drive and play music, photos and movies directly from the HDD. We have a Western Digital 320GB Passport filled with movies and music, and I was able to navigate the files structure in the drive using the remote quite easily. And it played all the files formats we threw at it.

Overall we were very convinced with the Samsung UN55C8000, this 3D TV is a definite 5 stars to the average Joe!

The 3D Experience.

3D Experience when watching a movie or the International Space station on an Imax Blu Ray is just amazing and out of this world. The main thing to remember is picking the right product for you and for your wallet. Now you can have this in the comfort of your home. . As it is relatively new, you can expect it to be expensive, but it all depends on the size of the TV. Compare prices for various models.

What you will need

The first thing you will need to know is that the whole system needs to be 3D compatible. From the 3D TV to the Audio, if you want to get the best out of it. For example, if you buy a Samsung 55 Led 3D TV, you should really buy the Blu Ray player from Samsung, the BD-C6800 3D Blu Ray player as well. The reason for this is that they are optimized.

If you are new to this and you want to do it properly to get the most out of it, you should look to buy a good size 3D TV, a 3D Blu-ray player, a 3D compatible Home Theater Audio System and some accessories like 3D glasses.

Un-pack and start reading.

Use the user manuals the way they were intended to be used, read them first. On these new models like the Samsung 55-Inch 3D HDTV you have about 7 different connection hubs where something can be connected to. I would first start by setting up the TV, then the Blu-Ray player, and then the Audio system. Make sure you have all the connection cables you need.

A quick look at some of the gear.

Tv: There are a number of good ones on the market, the price difference is mostly in the size of the tv, I have experience in 55 inch models from LG and Samsung. They are both excellent in quality, to say the least it is a jaw dropping experience, but they do come with a price tag.

Audio: Yamaha has the RX-V367, priced by itself around $280,good quality and it is a good place to start. The difference is in the speakers you choose to add-on to the System. That all depends on how much noise you like or how big your tv room is.

Blu-Ray player: Quite a few 3D Blu Ray players to choose from. Samsung has the BD-C8000, and it is very good, very high quality. in fact if you do your complete home entertainment system on Samsung 3D products, they let you have a remote control you can use on all of it. They can all connect to the internet via wi-fi, and there's a number of applications you download to make your experience even better. LG, Sony, Panasonic, look at the features on the models and compatibility to what you already have, compare prices and see what you got.

The more popular 3D Home Entertainment becomes, the cheaper it will be. You won't really know what it is like to watch a movie on 3D from your home until you tried it for yourself. Read some reviews on different 3D product out there and do some price comparisons, if you shop around a bit you will find some very good packages.

If we're talking television brands, Samsung is one of the famous brands of television. Samsung launched a range of television products, such as plasma TVs, LCD, 3D.For example Samsung 3D TV. It has a 3D TV that uses LED Hyper Real Engine, so that the resulting picture is very nice and looks real. With excellent picture quality, Samsung's 3D television provides invaluable experience as a movie 3D. More advanced technology especially in entertainment with 3D images, Samsung televisions can be the best choice.

Samsung LCD TV

Samsung LCD Television is not much different from others, capable of producing good pictures better when we use to watch TV or when we use as a computer monitor for multimedia purposes. Watching TV with 1080p resolution, making us very comfortable to enjoy the quality of the picture. Samsung LCD TV is television that has a unique feature.

Samsung plasma TV

One type of television that is able to produce exceptional image is a plasma TV. Samsung plasma television produces exceptional image and is an economical and efficient television so that they can save on your electric bill. If you're watching TV with Samsung plasma TV, you will not feel at home but in theaters. Samsung Plasma TV with 1080p resolution is able to create clear pictures free from blur.

Samsung LED TV

Some models of Samsung LED TV has a very thin size is only 1.2 inch. In terms of image quality, the Samsung LED TV gives great color and sharp. You'll experience no blur because of Samsung's television images of this type have auto motion plus feature that provides a soft moving image. One more important is the Samsung LED TV is Samsung's eco-friendly television. TV is made by removing some hazardous materials like mercury and lead.

InveDamon 04-14-2013 08:25 PM

Re: 3D fernseher
I think pricing this set at the $3000+ mark should be enough to include it with the set and not require us to drop another $80 for the USB adapter. We just hardwired it, but that's another wire you wouldn't have to deal with.

krystleswan 05-15-2013 05:35 AM

Re: 3D fernseher
It has too much price. Thanks for sharing information.

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