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sarmo15 02-05-2011 09:55 PM

Optical Bitstream Issues
Ok, so I purchased a BDP-S470 today and hooked it up with HDMI to my TV and Optical to my older Yamaha receiver (RX-V595) receiver thinking I would get 1080P video signal through the HDMI and Dolby Digital 5.1 through the optical (i.e. the audio I have received for years on my DVD player). After starting the blu-ray disc and realizing I had no sound during the movie (though Dolby Digital output was fine during the previews) I fiddled with the blu-ray settings and was able to get sound; however it was showing as Pro-Logic on my receiver. I believe I changed to "DOWNMIX PCM" vs "DTS" on the DTS (COAXIAL/OPTICAL) Menu - can't recall for sure and I'm so frustrated with the player I don't want to even look at it again to find out for sure.

I finished the movie and did some research and found that if I needed to make the optical output bitstream in the menu; however that is not a choice on the S470.

Clearly many people have written about this and my frustration level is through the roof - even more frustrated when I learned my receiver is faking Pro-Logic and just sending out 2 channel sound.

My reason for writing this is to ask whether there are other blu-ray players that will allow bitstream Dolby Digital through the optical (other than the PS3 bc I have no use for a gaming machine).

Also, can this/will this be fixed by a firmware upgrade by Sony or is it a hardware issue?

I really like the Sony b/c it pairs with my Sony TV nicely but if my choice is to return the player and get one that can do what I want vs. upgrade my receiver I would choose the new player. I just can't stomach upgrading my receiver right now.

Anyone have any ideas?

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