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prerich 03-19-2008 08:41 AM

PS3 Conspiricy Part II
Now that the "war" is over and signs of peace reverberate though out the AV community, what is new matra that is echoed in the former Blu (now world) camp? I have found it to be...forget any other gadgetry - if you want to be down with me - you'd better buy a PS3.

Phase II is in full force - I hope that the AV community takes the initive to put out players with high performance and decent pricing to drive the PS3 back to the "console war" - its true playing field. I'm glad to see people like Arcam, Onkyo and others announce coming Bluray players - OPPO and Slyvanina (a sub $250 BD player available in Q3) will make this thing competitive. I also believe that the new Profile 2.0 players will also give people a greater selection.

This is a critical time - "Sonosoft" wants to dominate and do it now. CE's of the world - gird your loins for true battle - fight and win! Defeat the juggernaught known as PS3, consumer level products - break PS3 off at the knees with low prices, High-end AV, deliver a perfomance blow that cracks PS3's head armor. Do not delay - the AV world as we know it hangs in the balance.

"This was designed as a light hearted moment and not ment to offend PS3 owners - any resemblence of this story and the truth is purely coincidental" :D

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