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rex 03-18-2008 10:46 AM

Mitsubishi releases new BD recorders in Japan
Mitsubishi just released two new BD recorders capable of recording full HD (1920x1080) in MPEG4 format direct to cheaper SD DVD's (as well as Blu-ray discs). (A 4.7 GB legacy disc can actually hold about 2 hours of full HD content in MPEG4.) They have internal hard drives, a color LCD touch screen remote, and a feature to automatically delete commercials. Why does it take so long for cool stuff like this to "trickle down" to our country?

rlpiii 03-18-2008 12:45 PM

Re: Mitsubishi releases new BD recorders in Japan
That is cool! :):):) I really like the new touch screen remote, hopefully it will trickle in sooner than later. It appears to be a big improvement over their current remotes which are nearly useless in the dark.

I wonder if the BD recorder will ever get to the US. It always seems like this kind of thing does not quite make it here, especially when it has the ability to automatically delete commercials.

rex 03-19-2008 10:53 AM

Re: Mitsubishi releases new BD recorders in Japan
You would think that manufacturers would race to bring their latest and best stuff to the largest CE market in the world; but somehow it doesn't seem to happen that way.
Why exactly did Japan have HD TV over a decade before US?
I have heard it had something to do with industry bickering about competing "standards", and such. Even now, it is taking an awfully long time for HD TV to trickle in.

rex 04-11-2008 10:07 PM

Sony announces new BD recorders for Japan
More cool stuff for the Japanese market:

Sony Electronics has announced two new Blu-ray recorders for the Japanese market: the BDZ-A70 and BDZ-T90. Both recorders will feature the ability to read and write both Blu-ray and DVD media, as well as read any CD media. Additionally, both will feature large hard drives - the A70 comes with a 320GB hard drive, the T90 with the larger 500GB hard drive - that the machine can easily record and playback material in the popular AVCHD format.

Unique to these recorders will be the ability to transfer content easily to a PSP or Sony Walkman portable video device. Using the one touch interface along with a standard USB cable, a user can quickly transfer pre-recorded content from the Blu-ray recorder to their PSP for viewing on the go. Connections include HDMI with 1080p/24 support, as well as other standard video and audio connections. Both will feature three types of tuners (two digital and one analog) for easy connection to any broadcast system. Both are expected to be available this month for the price of 170,000.

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