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JerryDelColliano 10-11-2007 05:52 PM

Today's Worst Bands...
I am doing a speech for the Consumer Electronics Assc in San Diego next Tuesday and I needed to make a point about music by citing today's WORST BANDS....

I came up with the likes of:
- The PussyCat Dolls
- Brit Brit
- Fergie
- Matchbox 20
- Amy Winehouse
- 50 Cent (nice guy however - met him in Vegas)

And then REFERENCE Sanjai from American Idol.

Do you think I hit hard enough to make these audio industry people puke?

Who else should be on this list...?

Enoch 10-11-2007 09:25 PM

Re: Today's Worst Bands...
They all suck if they've been around less than15 years...except for collaborative efforts like Velvet Revolver or Audioslave. Porcupine Tree's first album was in '91 so they get to live. I even think Pearl jam sucks...and thy're old by today's standards.

farrellhiatt 10-11-2007 11:47 PM

Re: Today's Worst Bands...
The music industry spends too much time looking for the next big thing instead of supporting the ones that made them a bunch of money. It is always looking for the band of the month which they then forget about next month because they were not good enough. I have seen and heard many albums in my time that I thought had great songs that never got promoted as singles for something that the record company thought was a hit but was not.

There are so many different genres of music now that people do not get to hear songs by good bands that do not fit just in one kind of music. Most good southern rock bands have gone country since they can not get airplay on rock stations which are few and far between now for new rock. There are many classic rock stations and goldie oldie stations which play songs from the 50's thru the early 90's but new music rock stations are harder to find except on the internet. used to be one of the best places for unknown bands and artists to put their music. I heard all kinds of different types of good to great music there in the 90's as well as some really bad songs but we got to vote on what we thought of the music. My opinion counted only as one vote of many so it was interesting to see what others thought also.

RickH 10-12-2007 07:24 AM

Re: Today's Worst Bands...
Some may not agree, but I really don't get the appeal of Bjork. In fact, if there is any one major "channel changer artist" for me, that would be the one.

Otherwise, as a general statement about the subject, there are just so many bands & artists out today and with sites such as MySpace, everybody and their 3rd cousin is a recording artist (I have a page :-), and more than ever you have to sift through a whole lot of mediocrity to get to the gems. The bad part of all this is that the gems get buried deeper & even less noticed as time moves on, while there's a glut of bands out there today that are pretty much indisquishable from one another - well-known major label bands.

MixTapes 10-12-2007 08:18 AM

Re: Today's Worst Bands...
I don't know if I'd include Winehouse since I think she CAN sing, she's gotten relative critical acclaim and is if nothing else, doing something unique in music today. Plus, she's somewhat of an easy target after some of her publicized affairs...

I agree with 50 cent. He keeps getting worse and worse...

Some terrible, terrible stuff...if you're not familiar please check it out for yourself. These artists are, unfortunately, some of the top sellers on iTunes.

Sean Kingston - ruined Stand By Me
Soulja Boy - wtf?
Hurricane Chris - a ba ba...ugh

weitrhino 10-12-2007 01:12 PM

Re: Today's Worst Bands...
The absolute king of monotonous mediocrity is Springsteen. Good gawd! Are people really that stupid?

Coldplay....absolutely wretched.
Bob Dylan...Hey Bob! Stuff a little more cotton in your mouth before you sing.
Beck....He'll never earn the right to single name celebrity.
Metalica.....Drivel on a major scale.
Limp Bizkit......Corporate manufactured lowest common denominator.

Thank you Clear Channel. This list could go on and on and on and on and........

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