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Download the Top 100 albums spreadsheet here, then post your own top 10 list
Download this sheet (see the link below), fill it out yourself and then make a post here, or a new thread in this forum with your own top 10 list. Our list will publish here on October 1st.

JerryDelColliano 09-20-2007 01:38 PM

Post your 100 Top Rock Album list results here
Once you download your sheet and do some voting - post your results here. Try cutting and pasting your results more than uploading your sheet.

JerryDelColliano 09-20-2007 01:52 PM

Re: Post your 100 Top Rock Album list results here
The Rules For Voting:

Performance and Songwriting are 100 point categories. While NONE of the albums are "average" clearly a 50 would represent an average performance or songwriting effort.

Sound Quality (50 points) is based on how good the record sounds with a slight bump given if the record was offered in high res or 5.1. Historically, significant recordings (think like Electric Ladyland) also should get consideration.

Production (50 points) - How well is the record produced? Its not the same thing as audio quality in that a record like ...And Justice for All sounds like poop but is produced really well.

Staying Power (50 points) - Does the record pass the test of time? Sgt. Pepper and Dark Side are still staples of classic rock radio and critics love them. Living Color Vivid or Pyromania won't likely fare as well.

Continuity-Concept (50 points) This is the category that sets this list apart from the rest. We put a high premium on the entire album's concept and overall continuity. Queen's A Night At The Opera would score well for sound, performance and production however there are only really a few good songs on it as compared to say Dark Side or Aja or Sgt. Peppers which are more consistent from start to finish.


Download a sheet and have fun with your voting.

Our list will go live 10/1/07!!!!

We can't want to see your results vs. the rest...


DaveC 09-20-2007 02:25 PM

Re: Download the Top 100 albums spreadsheet here, then post your own top 10 here
Great idea - and just plain fun too. Hope the posts reflect the passion and emotion of much of the music selected as candidates.

As a quick suggestion, attached is a slightly modified version of your spreadsheet which changes the band names so one can sort by band (traditional way one would find them in a "record shop"), and optimizes the column widths/borders, so one can print out and fill in as they sit around and debate with friends.

Okay - you'll have to erase my suggested additions at the end if you choose to use this - I just couldn't help myself. Only Jackson Browne's "For Everyman" makes my true Top 10, but the others surely make my top 177!

Looking forward to everyone's posts,
Dave C

PS - Sigh, a <.xls> file cannot be uploaded. Oh well - You would've liked the revisions, I think.

AudioGuy2007 09-20-2007 02:59 PM

Re: Download the Top 100 albums spreadsheet here, then post your own top 10 here
Here is my list in no particular order

Ween's The Mollusk - The suburban philly duo's finest concept record. The most important band to come along in 20 years.

Oingo Boingo's Alive (double "live" studio recording) - Every song is better than the orignal album version

Rush's Hemispheres - The album that made me pick up drum sticks.

Mr Bungle's California - Brilliance. Clown music turned surf art rock..

Metallica's ...and Justice for All - Try to count out the intro to Blackened. You might need a degree from MIT. The most rhythmically complex Metallica ever. The best "prog metal" album period.

The Carpenter's Close to You - If these 20 part vocal harmonies dont move you, you must be dead, or anorexic.

John Mayer's Continuum - "go back and listen to daughters, bitches..."

Faith No More's Angel Dust - Floored their fans with this dark, twisted album. Takes about 20 listens before you'll really get it.

Beck's Midnight Vultures - "I'm gonna take you up to Glendale... take you for a real good meal." Beck must love Armenian food.

Megadeth - Rust in Peace - All their albums before this pretty much sucked. Dave Mustaine got his **** together on this one. "Thigh master.... five magics.'

JerryDelColliano 09-20-2007 04:07 PM

Re: Download the Top 100 albums spreadsheet here, then post your own top 10 here
Beck's Midnite Vultures isn't on the list but is a GOOD one to point out. Good consistancy. Good sound and FAR AND AWAY his best work. Loved the old-school Prince influence.

And if Beck is going out to Glendale - he might pick up a used car too. There are like 10,000 dealers up there all selling used BMWs. Right next to the Kabob place.

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