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narcoticprayer 08-24-2007 08:18 AM

Notes on LIVE FROM AUSTIN, TX - Richard Thompson
It's Richard Thompson so naturally it's high quality. It sounds good, and his playing is excellent. Not the best RT show ever but definitely worth owning. His new relase, Sweet Warrior, may be the release of the year but that will have to wait til next month.

mrmusic 09-01-2007 12:41 PM

Re: Notes on LIVE FROM AUSTIN, TX - Richard Thompson
I think I'll have to give this a listen, both the CD and the DVD with DVD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound, because while no one is a bigger cheerleader for Richard Thompson than KL Poore, I became a die-hard fan about 25 years ago when I saw him perform at McCabe's, a tiny music store concert venue in Santa Monica, and discovered he really could play live, first try, no gimmicks, all that amazing stuff I'd heard on record.
I began blathering to anyone who would listen, this dude Thompson goes from being the most beautiful acoustic picker you've ever heard to screaming out rock blisters to playing real jazz to going 12th Century then back to bluegrass -- and all on one show. Or maybe that was on one song.
When you listen to him rock out you're trying to remember who it is that's better ... well, Jimi, yeah, but Clapton? sometimes -- David Gilmore? nope -- Jeff Beck? maybe not-- no, really! -- then you find yourself musing, this guy could play with Scruggs or Monroe, or Corea or Miles or Wes Montgomery, or in the court of King Arthur ...
Yeah, he is that good.
So why isn't he a superstar? Geeky looks? C'mon, take a look at photos of Pete Townshend even as a lad. Roly poly little Elton John?
Two reasons, I think. Richard Thompson writes great thoughtful songs, lyrically and musically complex, with seemingly no thought for what's on the charts. And, as a singer, he's an acquired taste.
You can now read Kevin's outstanding review of the new RT disc Sweet Warrior Richard Thompson - Sweet Warrior | Music Review | AVREV , which he calls Thompson's "best damn release ever!!!" and gives the ultimate accolade of dual 10 scores (a Nadia Comaneci accomplishment, if you will).
That's strong stuff. Is the disc that good? Is Richard Thompson that good? Is Kevin Poore a nut case?

narcoticprayer 09-02-2007 10:58 AM

Re: Notes on LIVE FROM AUSTIN, TX - Richard Thompson
Affirmative to all three questions submitted.

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