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The Best in New Music Post about SACD, DVD-Audio, music on DVD-Video, CDs, music in 5.1 surround and beyond.

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Default Re: SACD Worth IT?

I have been buying SACDs and DVD-As for several years now and I haven't yet found a better source for high resolution sound. I highly recommend the Elton John SACDs - fantastic sound for 30+ year old recordings. Hard to find now, but Hotel California and Rumours on DVD-A are also incredible, as is Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller Band). AIX Records issues some of the cleanest and most detailed recordings I have ever heard.

With surround, it's all about music for me - not much of a movie fan. However, concert videos can be great. Two channel music can sound wonderful on a really good system with appropriate speakers, and I still often listen in 2 channel of course, but music in surround seems to lift a veil and opens up a much more detailed soundstage, at least for me. When I first listened to surround hi-res versions of classic albums I heard details that had previously been masked or subdued in the mix.

Bottom line - if you haven't tried a surround hi-res music format, it is certainly worth around $20 to try it out on your system. There are plenty of places to find titles on-line. I'm looking forward to seeing what Blu-ray will bring for music - sitting on the fence about a player just now.
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Default Re: SACD Worth IT?

the oppo bdp-83 blu ray player should be out within the next few months for $5-600. It will play sacd's and probably dvd-audio's as well as dvd's. clearly you have a sacd/dvd-a player already but in case the idea of a quality all-in-one appeals this will be the one to beat.
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Default Re: SACD Worth IT?

I recomend SACD and DVD-A's as well--The few I have sound great! I have the Pioneer DV 563-A DVD Player.
DVD Audio: Teddy Pendergrass From the Front Row ' Live'
Aaron Neville 'Devotion' (highly recomended)
Frank Sinatra Live At The Sands with Count Basie Orchestra(highly recomended)
Buena Vista Social Club (Awesome)
SACD: Diana Krall(forgot title)
DSD digital stream digital: Tierney Sutton 'Dancing in the dark'
Norah Jones 'Come Away With Me'
DTS Surround Music: The Moody Blues 'Days Of Future Passed'(You gotta hear it!)
Queen 'A Night At The Opera' (must have for Queen Fans)
DVD 5.1 surround by "5.1 Entertainment/Silverline" Norah Jones 'Live in New Orleans' In Multi Channel (GREAT!!!, A Must Have, Just like your there!) Gives my Hsu Sub a Good Work-out

My only regrets...I wish I would've bought more!! Well worth the extra $cash$

But remember, not all SACD's or DVD-A will sound the same. From what I understand there is not a 'Standard' so some will have better quality sound. Some of the "Rock In Roll" ones I purchased I sold. (Lynard Skynard/Kansas)
On Some DVD-A's you have the option to listen in DD 5.1, Advanced Resolution Surrond Sound 96khz/24bit or Advanced Resolution Stereo 192khz/24bit.
The reviews help a lot and you can still read them on-line.
The Ones I mentioned--Do!!!

When I get my Panosonic Blue Ray Player I will purchase 'Shakira-Oral Fixation' Concert which the reviews say is good!( I Have regular dvd PCM Stero and I love it!)

Purchase some, pour a cold drink, pull up a relaxing chair, close your eyes, enjoy the music and you will think your there at the concert.LOL Well atleast I did

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Cool Re: SACD Worth IT?

Just wanted to keep this thread alive by raving about my newest DTS 5,1 CD - Herb Albert's "Passion Dance". Incredible recording that really captures the percussion cleanly and presents a very detailed soundstage. Herb's horn shines around a group of great musicians, and if you close your eyes, or listen to in the dark (as I just did), it gives you the feeling of being in a small jazz club with an incredible latin band. The great thing about this is, you can find this disk on the cheap if you look for it. I found my copy on e-bay, and payed very little for a brand new, originally wrapped disk.

Keep up the faith, guys. It seems with the kids doing everything on IPods, the BluRay music releases might never get started, thus helping to keep these formats alive. I'm hoping that SACD and DVD-A disks keep on rolling, because I don't believe there is a market for people to buy BluRay music - I just don't see it. I'm doing my part to continue to buy SACD and DVD-A, because it's the best hope for superior fidelity in music. Currently, nothing else even seems to come close.

Oh, and by the way, the Elton John SACD's are the best SACD's that I own, IMHO. Superb remixes, coupled with the cleanest sound ever to grace Elton's early 70's recordings make them a must have for anyone that appreciates his early music.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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Default Re: SACD Worth IT?

I love SACDs and DVD-Audio
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Default Re: SACD Worth IT?

Yes, it is worth it to us music lovers.
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