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HT Junky 09-30-2008 08:40 PM

Patricia Barber's new album
I think Cafe Blue is one of the great audiophile albums but....

This woman needs to change. I wanted to pick up her new album. I listened to it at Borders, but I just cannot do it. I listen mainly to acoustic guitar and jazz, but that was agonizing.

Any other opinions?

deacongreg 10-23-2008 04:02 PM

Re: Patricia Barber's new album
fROM THE ANNALS OF JAZZ. fOURpLAY, consisting of Bob James, Larry Carlton, Nathan East, and Harvey Mason have a new cd called Energy, which is very nice. Go to for a sample!!

Mullen25 01-31-2009 03:30 AM

Re: Patricia Barber's new album
sounds great..

deacongreg 02-03-2009 06:50 PM

Re: Patricia Barber's new album

Originally Posted by Mullen25 (Post 19607)
sounds great..

I gotta pick this up.

doralskipper 02-05-2009 07:43 PM

Re: Patricia Barber's new album
If you folks are referring to Mythologies, I will admit, there a large portions of the disc which are sort of difficult to get your head around...however, if you make it to the final cut, you will reach PB heaven. I carried this disc around last spring at the Festival de Son Image in Montreal and everytime cut 11 was played, it stopped people in the demo rooms dead in their tracks...IMHO, it is the greatest song recorded to date by this talented musician.

usul 02-11-2009 05:41 AM

Re: Patricia Barber's new album
Mythologies could well now be my most favorite PB album (Icarus - gorgeous, WhiteWorld - smoking, The Hours - triumph). This woman no longer pushes boundaries, she goes way beyond to creates new ones, challenging us poor listeners to try and catch up. In a world of sausage machine manufacture ear candy, I crave for more like PB who strive for so much more. I truly believe you guys and gals have a national treasure on your hands, but I fear few will ever realize.

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