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Default Imagine Hendrix Photos in HIGH Res with his music in 24/192 stereo on Blu-ray,5969522.story

Check out this story about a photo exhibition a few blocks from our offices. Really cool, archival Hendrix photos.

What KILLS ME is the idea that record companies are SO stupid that they can't find a way to resell classic records like the Hendrix collection on a copy protected media like Blu-ray complete with 24/192 stereo audio and HD still images from the archives like these.

Give a person with a flat HDTV a reason to interact with MEANINGFUL and HISTORICALLY important music in this way and they will spend their money on ALBUMS again. NOT JUST downloads.

NOTE: Dark Side on SACD sold 1.1 million copies and the stereo track sucked (the surround is good). Even if this sold 250,000 copies at $18.99 - the records were PAID FOR in the 60's. The cost to polish them up and resell them again is TINY compared to the return. ALSO the HD content is copy protected thus fears of piracy are moot.

Can anyone explain WHY the labels are NOT doing things like this other than total, complete ignorance.
Jerry Del Colliano
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Default Re: Imagine Hendrix Photos in HIGH Res with his music in 24/192 stereo on Blu-ray

Unfortunately Jerry, I think we already have the answer. I`m not certain of this, but we have discussed it in length before. Everything you say here is true, makes sense, is logical, will make money, etc.

However, in our discussions, I mentioned to you, that the heads, or those in charge of these labels today, are not music lovers, but business people. What does that really mean? No passion for the music, the sound of it, how it is reproduced, etc. So though you make perfect sense, there is no interest there. They are only concerned about the next, great, new artist, thats all!!!

Now, this obviously is just what I think. Not a fact, that I know of anyway. For, if this is not the case, then as you said Jerry, why isn`t this happening?

My two cents.
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Exclamation Re: Imagine Hendrix Photos in HIGH Res with his music in 24/192 stereo on Blu-ray

The short sighted non music lovers that run the major labels aren't looking for the next artist... just money. they're looking under every rock and leaf in order to keep their lifestyles going. They don't care about new media or the fact the entire model has changed. Instead of looking forward or reimagining their worlds they continue to wonder why CD sales are dead. It reminds me of the big car companies. Even I could see 5 years ago that they should change their business model and now they're doing it years too late.
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