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JerryDelColliano 12-20-2007 06:34 PM

My Christmas Playlist
I made a Christmas CD to take on our yearly trip to Pebble Beach to play the team championship (no, we didn't win).

Here are some of the Christmas songs on there:

1. Mr. Garrison's Christmas Theme from South Park
2. Another Lonely Christmas - Prince
3. Christmas time in Hell from South Park
4. Christmas with the Devil - Spinal Tap
5. Swiss Colony Beef Log
6. Auld Lang Syne - Jimi Hendrix
7. Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter

Clearly, this isn't your traditional Christmas mix.

What are you listening to this holiday season....?


kennyt 12-21-2007 02:53 AM

Re: My Christmas Playlist

I go old school, Burl Ives, Frank Sinatra.....

deacongreg 12-21-2007 10:58 AM

Re: My Christmas Playlist
Also, the classic tunes Silver Bells and Winter Wonderland by Johnny Mathis. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, by yes, the Jackson Five. Then, there is Hank Crawfords version of Winter Wonderland as well. Great sax player with strings!!

JerryDelColliano 12-22-2007 08:58 AM

Re: My Christmas Playlist
I got one of those Christmas Cocktails CDs that has some WAY out there loungy and funky tracks from the 1950's and early 1960's. Very Mambo meets the Jetsons.

Dave 12-22-2007 12:13 PM

Re: My Christmas Playlist
Last Christmas we picked up a Trans Siberian Orchestra 4 pack 3 CD and a DVD, but the birth of our first Grandchild made for a rather different Christmas. This year we dug it out and they are great, darn near blew the windows out with the DVD. So its been added to our Merry Axemas, Mannheim Steamroller,Josh Groban, Irish Tenors and one of those old collections of Christmas Classics. We put the Cd changer on random and never know what's coming.

Merry Christmas!

deacongreg 12-24-2007 02:10 PM

Re: My Christmas Playlist
I was listening to WFAN today, and someone mentioned the Trans Siberian Orchestra playing some classical tunes, and it was very good. Where are they from?

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