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  82. soundmatters Introduces SLIMstage40 Surround Bar Speaker
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  88. APOGEE
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  144. Outlaw Audio Introduces Dual-Mode Speakers - Vertical or Horizontal
  146. Sennheiser Releases Pink Earphones For Cancer Research
  147. Snell Acoustics Ships Two New Loudspeakers - IC C7 & IW C7
  148. Waterfall Audio Débuts Dramatic Glass Loudspeakers
  149. Bowers & Wilkins Spiral Diffuser removes unwanted sound resonance in vehicle interior
  151. Aperion Audio Offers Interest-Free Financing to its Customers this Holiday Season!
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  153. Sonance Visual Performance Series Receives 2007 Audioholics Consumer Excellence Award
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  183. B&W 685
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  186. The return of the Martin Logan CLS
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  188. RBH Sound Debuts World's First In-wall Speakers With Linear Array Technology
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  190. Sonance Announces New Home Theater Speakers
  191. Sonance Adds Innovative, Easy-Install, High-Performance Surface Mount Speaker
  192. Sound Advance Intros Three New “Completely Invisible” Loudspeakers
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