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  70. Hey guys, Im new and have a question
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  124. Sony Bravia 46" LCD HDTV
  125. Hitachi Unveils Ultra-Thin 50-inch Plasma HDTV
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  127. Panasonic Unveils Internet Enabled VIERA Plasmas
  128. Sharp Uncovers D65U / D85U LCD HDTVs
  129. Philips LCDs are the best displays, even superior to Kuro plasmas.
  130. Maxxsonics Introduces MB Quart HiddenReflections TV Mirror Series
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  132. Narrow Bezel 37" LCD
  133. Mitsubishi to Launch New Wireless HDTV with Amimon Wireless Chips
  134. Nub Question regarding 3D Y/C Filter
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  137. Samsung Releases Their Third Set of HDTVs This Fall - Series 8 LCD
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  143. Sony talks about OLED, etc.
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  147. Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TVs Shipping in Third Quarter 2008
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  150. Samsung 40" LoC - LN40A650
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  157. To Buy Online or Not
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  188. LCD Burn't screen
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  197. Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?
  198. Can somebody help me?
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  201. 720p or 1080i
  202. SIM2 and Dolby Laboratories Collaborate to Demonstrate New LCD Display Technology
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  223. Vizio
  224. Sharp Aquos LC37D62U
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