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April Showers Written and directed by our own Andrew Robinson, a survivor of Columbine High School, comes a movie about today's violent society. Talk about making a movie in 4k, selling a film designed for both the theater and Blu-ray and much more.

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Default Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

What is seemingly the standard progression of format technologies, the adult film industry is looking to pave the way of the future. Digital Playground has announced that they will shoot their "films" using the Red One 4k camera. Here is there announcement and a little more history behind the RED digital cameras...

Digital Playground has started filming with RED digital cameras, a new camera more brilliant than 35 mm film, with 4 times the resolution of the best HD cameras, and the best cinematic look available. Digital Playground was recently in the news for its commitment to simultaneous release new movies on DVD and Blu-ray™ and to re-release its entire library on Blu-ray. Now Digital Playground is allowing a new color to make headlines--the color RED. In the past two months, Digital Playground has already used the RED One cameras to shoot 10 movies. The addition of RED digital cameras allows Digital Playground to match the quality productions of mainstream entertainment studios, while remaining the world-wide leader in adult entertainment.

Joone, the Founder of Digital Playground and the award-winning director of the "Virtual Sex™" series, the "Island Fever" series, "Pirates", and the upcoming "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge", is devoted to incorporating the best technology available in his movies. He says, "As a filmmaker, I continually search out new ways to bring my visions to life and ensure their timelessness. Digital Playground is devoted to maintaining and updating our library to highest quality."

As a filmmaker, I continually search out new ways to bring my visions to life and ensure their timelessness. Digital Playground is devoted to maintaining and updating our library to highest quality. Joone continues, "RED cameras are the best available equipment on the market. The resulting images are like a grain-less 35 mm film or a 65 mm film. Fans will actually lose themselves in the clarity of our new movies. With endorsements by the American Society of Cinematographers and directors like Steven Soderbergh making the switch to RED, the RED One is making believers out of cinematic traditionalists and film loyalists."

The Founder of RED is Jim Jannard, the billionaire Founder of Oakley sunglasses and sports apparel. His development of the RED camera technology derived from a passion for creating the most advanced technology possible. Digital Playground was built on a similar passion and enthusiasm for technological innovation. Digital Playground began filming and distributing in the high definition format over four years ago. Pioneers in adult content, Digital Playground continues to pave the way, producing the best films possible, while utilizing the most advanced technologies available.

RED digital cameras pick up where HD cameras leave off and are completely compatible with modern viewing formats. The RED One camera uses a sensor measured at 4520 x 2540 pixels, which is more than 4 times the pixels of the very best HD cameras. The increase in pixels and dynamic range results in the clearest possible picture available.

Digital Playground's award winning director, Robby D. raves about the RED One camera. Robby exclaims, "On set, we love the camera so much that we named it Baby. The RED One holds up where other cameras can't. Porno on 35 mm with 4k resolution is an amazing thing!"

Being on the forefront of technology is nothing new for Digital Playground. The company was created around the concept of innovation. In 1995, Joone developed the cutting edge CD-ROM title "Virtual Sex Shoot", and the company was forever on the map. Then in 1997 Digital Playground launched the famous "Virtual Sex™" line of interactive DVDs. In 2004, the company released "Island Fever 3", the first adult title to be filmed, edited, and delivered in high definition format. In 2005, Digital Playground released the first adult iPod trailers, followed by the first adult movies for purchase on the iPhone in 2007. Most recently, Digital Playground committed itself to the simultaneous release of all new movies on DVD and Blu-ray. Digital Playground is not one step ahead, it's miles.
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Default Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

I love that DP is doing this!!!

I believe they are the first studio in the world to do same day on all films and think it is great!!!
Ken Taraszka, MD
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Default Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

One sequence in the Bond film was shot with 8 shutter synchronized Dalsa 4K cameras:
I am really looking forward to seeing the movie. I thought Casino Royale was one of the best movies to come out in a long while.
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Thumbs up Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

Wow!, from the article linked to above: ""It was amazing as we watched all eight cameras shooting and pouring data into the CODEX disc units. In total, we recorded over 3.8 gigabytes of image data every second."

That is truely amazing, a lot of image data, that is over a TeraByte for each 5 minutes of shooting!

I can't wait to see these on my HT system, of course "all" I have is a lowly 1920x1080 projector and a Panamorph lens. But as I always say, given a great source and some good equipment, I can recreate a pretty effective movie experiance... ;-)
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Exclamation Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Another 4K feature length movie, "Reach for Me", was recently screened with a 4K projector:
I would sure like to see what one of these movies, shot in 4K, looks like on a 4K projector; but sadly this technology is not available around here, yet.
4k projection is not really available very much of anywhere! But, 4K native material displayed at 4K is the closest that I have seen to watching 70 mm roadshow prints - like The Sound of Music, Patton, 2001, or Grand Prix, not to mention IMAX native films like To Fly.

Sony is the only one (other than Andrew, Steven Spielberg, and Digital Playground)) who is embracing this UQHD 4k format and making it available to the general public. But it is few, and far between.

Luckily, the Coca Cola Museum and Store in Atlanta, GA offer one of the few opportunities to see 4k and 4k - 3D in the United States. I'm still working on the 3D part - mostly because there are so few decent 4k 3D sources, and the RED 4k+ cameras are too big to put side-by-side to capture 3D directly. But it's only a matter of time.

Andrew - I wonder about a follow up sequel (10 years later - the documentary) in 4k+ 3D:

May Flowers?
Cheers -


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Default Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)


Is it true that the 4k Kipnis Standard will be taken down soon?

Say it isn't so.....

Jerry Del Colliano
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