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kennyt 08-28-2007 07:11 PM

Best mono-block amplifiers.
I just ordered five Mark Levinson 436 monoblocks, but have hear some folks happy with the NuForce etal.

What are your dream monoblock amps??

Robinson_A 08-28-2007 08:52 PM

Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.
Damn Ken. Five mono-blocks. I want to come over to your house, make some popcorn and watch your electric meter spin as your neighbors come out of their houses wondering why their lights never work when you're home.

I'm not one to talk, I'm rockin a McIntosh 7 channel amp at the moment. However, the new BelCanto mono blocks simply ROCK! I'm quickly discovering the beauty of digital amplification. I have a BelCanto integrated at the moment and it goes toe to toe with my Levinson 433 and 326s in terms of performance. I didn't want to believe it at first and there are a few trade offs on both sides but overall it is a stunner and well worth the money. Not to mention it has a USB and killer built in DAC.

I dunno, as much as five Levinsons sounds appealing I may stick with my multi-channel amps and go 5 BelCantos. Seriously.

I have to hear your rig the next time I'm in FL.

kennyt 08-29-2007 03:21 AM

Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.
You got it Andrew! FWIW I already had planned on this setup and have five dedicated 20 Amp lines of 10 G romex on a separate sub panel all in phase... Now I will just need to work out the wiring or relocate some of them for the fronts.... I almost went with the 433, then thought of three 436's and a 432, but in the end had to match all amps, it just seemed the right thing to do!

I have heard the Bel Canto mono's @ HE2007 driving Joseph Audio RM33si's and they sounded simply fantastic! Their size is a huge perk!

jbk 08-29-2007 09:23 AM

Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.

Originally Posted by kennyt (Post 2309)
I just ordered five Mark Levinson 436 monoblocks, but have hear some folks happy with the NuForce etal.

What are your dream monoblock amps??


You're killing me with envy!! Seriously, I would like the Krell Mono Blocks if I had the space.

I know some people that have a separate panel for their system and it makes a big difference. You would be isolating the power from all the other problems with grounding(ground loops)and RFI, etc.

Have you considered using the JPS inwall wire for your system? I know someone that uses it and claims it make a big difference, too.

Isn't this hobby great?


deacongreg 08-29-2007 01:59 PM

Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.

Well, this is certainly a great discussion here. I loved Mark Levinson amplification when I first heard them with Proac bookshelf speakers. Remember those? But, as you know Andrew, dream or otherwise, please send me a pair on McIntosh blue - VU metered monoblock amplifiers from Binghamton. And I`ll be very satisfied and the dream fulfilled.

Now, as much as I do not want to go there either, kennyt you know!! I heard those same Bel Cantos at HE2007 with those Joseph Audio speakers and loved it. Also thru the bookshelf speakers with a laptop as a source!! Smooth, excellent sound. And yes, their footprint is without question a plus.

Now, Andrew, your are right. kennyt, you need to have me and Andrew over to hear those 5 Levinsons. That is just crazy!! With these new amps coming and your slew of digital sources, you are the man!!!!!!!!!

kennyt 08-29-2007 02:12 PM

Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.
Well, I still need to get the electrician to move three of my dedicated lines to the front of the room, and the amps are on backorder right now so hopefully soon!

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