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Beta4Me 09-07-2009 12:21 AM

ATC & Bryston HT/HC - What speaker & amp config?

I currently have a pair of ATC SCM19s. I'm thinking of getting a pair of ATC SCM40s for Fronts, using my ATC SCM19s for Rears, and getting a pair of ATC SCM11s for backs and then an ATC C3 Centre and C4 Sub to round off a 7.1 system. Would this work or should I really be getting SCM19s for the back or the same speakers (i.e. SCM19s) all round?

I'm thinking of getting a Bryston 6B-SST2 to use with the SCM40s and C3C, a 3B-SST2 for the SCM19s and 2B-SST2 for the SCM11s. Could I get away with the 9B-SST2 for the centre, rears and backs and, say, a 3B-SST2 for the fronts or something? Depending on recommendations on speaker configuration how should these amps be?

I'm also completely open to alternatives on the amps (I am set on the ATC speakers though, particularly as I already have a pair) although the 20 year warranty on the Bryston appeals to me and I can (at least in my mind) pay it off over twenty years (I'm going to roll the cost of the system into my mortgage on a new house). Also note that I'm in Australia and am quite inclined to import everything as the market down under is a dead set rip off!

Thanks in advance,

Beta4Me 09-25-2009 01:24 AM

Re: ATC & Bryston HT/HC - What speaker & amp config?
I'm now thinking along the lines of (due to budget constraints) ATC SCM19 fronts, ATC SCM11 sides & rears (i.e. 2 pairs), ATC C3 Center & ATC C1 Sub (not C4--it's just too expensive).

All that's left now is to work out what amps to use. I'm thinking Bryston but they are pretty dear. Wyred 4 Sound is also on the cards but I'm concerned they might be a bit cool, dry and mechanical for my highly transparent ATC speakers.

What are you thoughts? Any suggestions are welcome (even on the pre/pro front)!

myrman 02-26-2010 02:43 PM

Re: ATC & Bryston HT/HC - What speaker & amp config?
Hi, my first post here but I am using SCM40s (hope to be getting an ATC centre soon) with a Halcro MC50 and they work really well together. I have little experience of Bryston except via thier reputation. I see you are in Australia so ideally placed to pick up a Halcro. Its a fantastic amp and paired with the ATCs you really get loads of detail. A great combination for music (my prime requirement)

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