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Anthem Reveals 225 Integrated Amplifier
Anthem introduces its Integrated 225, an integrated amplifier with phono input. A purist's dream through and through, the new Integrated 225 is an all-in-one Anthem-quality two-channel audiophile solution that delivers the level of performance high-power separates would.

Sleek and modern in appearance, the Integrated 225 offers some classic touches. For those who cherish the art of spinning vinyl on a turntable, the Integrated 225 provides a phono preamp input that supports Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) applications.

The fully analog Integrated 225 includes solid-state circuitry boards that benefit from ultra-low-noise audiophile-grade component parts. Preservation of signal purity is truly impressive. For the committed purist, tone controls (bass/treble) can be bypassed.

To accommodate customers who enjoy music "on the go," along with six stereo audio inputs there is a seventh input, easily accessible from the front-panel, for use with portable media players. Record-Out connectivity is available, along with a full-featured universal learning remote for use with other A/V components, and an RS-232 interface.

The Integrated 225 provides 225 watts of power per channel (8 ohm rating). Music reproduction reveals tight, accurate bass with lightning-fast transients and exquisite high-frequency detail and extension, without a trace of edginess or hardness. Soundstaging is extremely natural, with exceptional depth and stereo imaging. Harmonic integrity remains completely intact.

The Anthem Integrated 225 has an estimated FMV of $1,499 (US).

deacongreg 09-22-2008 05:47 PM

Re: Anthem Reveals 225 Integrated Amplifier
Sounds like a great piece of equipment. This should have been available back when I first starting playing records. When I got my first Dual 1229. I hope in this digital age, that this does well for them.

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